7 Highly Effective Essential Oils for Digestive Health

Posted on July 8, 2020July 8, 2020Categories Essential OilsTags

Have you considered using essential oils for digestive health? If not, then you should and keep reading for my suggestions on the seven best and highly effective essential oils for digestive health.

  1. Peppermint- This is the most commonly used essential oil for digestive health. Even if you haven’t used peppermint essential oil, you have probably used peppermint tea for this before. To use peppermint essential oil for digestive health, it’s as simple as rubbing 1-2 drops on your stomach area.
  2. Ginger- along with peppermint- ginger is probably one of the most well known. You can use ginger just like peppermint although you will probably want to dilute ginger first in a carrier oil. You can also try a drop with ginger like Doterra’s ginger and lemon drops.
  3. Fennel- A lesser known essential oil- fennel works really well for digestive support as well and is also great for emotional issues that may be causing digestive issues. It also tastes sweet making it a great addition to teas or desserts as well.
  4. Anise- another great digestive essential oil- this one has a taste similar to licorice.
  5. Cardamom- This is a common spice used in food in South American and sometimes Indian cuisine and can also support your digestive health.
  6. Black Pepper- another great essential oil for your digestive health, you can cook with it just like black pepper spice.
  7. Coriander- a great essential oil to help when you need to clear out something out of your stomach and digestive system.

Have you used essential oils for digestive health? If so, which one or ones are your favorite?