10 Uses for Melaleuca Oil

1. Rub a few drops on a wart twice a day for a few weeks to clear it up.

2. Put a few drops on a staph infection to clear it up or drink some in water for the same reason.

3. Rub a few drops on a bite or sting to reduce the swelling.

4. Take some in water to help with a sore throat, cold or other illness.

5. Put some in a water bottle with some water and use it to clean your house.

6. Use it to disinfect an infected sore on your body.

7. Use a few drops to help with a cold sore.

8. Gargle a few drops in your mouth with some water to help with sore gums or a sore throat.

9. Massage daily into a foot infected with athlete’s foot.

10. Repel insects by applying it to your skin.

What other uses for Melaleuca oil have you found?