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Why Essential Oil Sourcing is Important

What do you think of when you hear essential oil sourcing? If you are like the average person you probably really don't think much of it. In fact, you may even think that essential oil sourcing isn't all that important. However, essential oil sourcing is actually crucial for a quality essential oil. In fact essential… READ MORE

10 of My Favorite Essential Oil Ebooks

Have you ever read any essential oil ebooks? If not you are missing out. Whether you are new or just starting your journey with essential oils, or you have been using them for years, essential oil ebooks are ready available and in many cases you can download them for free or for less than $5… READ MORE

7 Days to Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Have you done your spring cleaning yet? If not, did you know you can do your spring cleaning with essential oils. In fact, not only can you do it this way but it is easier, more fun and your house will smell amazing when you clean with essential oils instead of chemicals. Plus cleaning with… READ MORE

How to do a Successful Autism Fundraiser

Do you have a child with autism who desperately needs therapies you can't afford? What about doing an autism fundraiser? While it can be a lot of work, autism fundraisers can be very successful and can be one of the best ways to pay for autism therapies for your child. Here is the process you… READ MORE

Top Essential Oil Apps

Have you used any essential oil apps? Essential oil apps are great for learning all about various uses of essential oils and for having an essential oil education available while on the go. If you decide to build an essential oils business, then essential oil apps can also help with that too. Here are what… READ MORE