The hard ugly truth about working from home jobs

working from home jobs
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Do you dream about finding a work from home job? Many people do especially those with young children. In fact, who doesn’t want to find one of the working from home jobs you see advertised or talked about? However, there are some facts and truths about working from home jobs that many people either don’t know about or don’t consider.

1. Most working from home jobs aren’t what they seem. Most involve talking on the phone all day, large amounts of typing, and other rather mundane and boring tasks.

2. Most working from home jobs are extremely low paid. The reason most companies offer working from home jobs at all is because they are trying to save money. In order to do this, they pay their work from home employees a lot less money than those who work in their offices. In fact, unless you have specialized IT, medical or legal expertise, you will find that most work from home jobs pay less than $12 an hour and most pay around $8-$10 an hour. This really isn’t a lot of money. In fact, most companies who hire both employees to work in office and at home, pay their work from home employees less than their in office employees and sometimes it’s a lot less.

3. When companies go through lay offs, the work from home employees are usually the first ones laid off. There are however, some exceptions such as Jet Blue who only hires work from home employees for their phone jobs. So this isn’t the case 100% of the time, but it is the case most of the time.

4. Competition for working from home jobs can be very stiff. Since virtually everyone dreams of working from home, when their are openings, it can be very difficult to actually be hired.

5. Most of these jobs also require in office training for at least a few weeks and many require you to work in office from time to time. The numbers of working from home jobs that are actually at home all of the time are rare.

In summary working from home with a job isn’t the golden goose many people think it is. In fact, the best way to make a decent income long term while working from home is to start your own business. That is just the reality. Sure you can make some money without your own business but for most people it won’t be enough to earn a living.

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