How I Plan to Stay Healthy While Traveling in the Future

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While travel isn’t possible right now as of my writing of this post, I thought I would share some thoughts about how I plan to stay healthy while traveling in the future. I really enjoy traveling even though I don’t do it all the time. That said since I have hashimoto’s and allergies that can make it harder for me to travel without risks that are now even higher after the pandemic we are going through right now, I do have to be careful when I do travel. I’ve seen some videos and read a few articles about how travel will change in the future and thought I would chime in with my thoughts about how I think my travel will change in the future.

First, While airlines and other travel related companies will be sanitizing everything more frequently, they typically will use chemicals that aren’t the greatest for your health and that have caused me problems in the past. These means that I will always need to make sure I have what I need to help control my allergies and seasonal threats with me, even if it’s not during allergy season.

Second, even though direct flights are often more expensive and sometimes more limited depending upon the location, I plan to purchase direct flights as frequently as possible even at the higher cost. I think that doing this will help me to avoid additional airports that may or may not have a higher risk of me being exposed to additional germs and bacteria.

Third, While I always travel with additional pills and packets of Vitamin C, and Vitamin D, and sometimes other immune supporting supplements, in the past I will need to take more of these with me than I have in the past.

Fourth, while I don’t like wearing a mask all the time- I think it can affect your breathing when worn for too long. And, I’m sure that masks will be required while traveling in some places, I will be taking a few masks with me on trips regardless of any requirements by travel companies and agencies.

Fifth, I will seriously consider for shorter trips, and for longer trips such as those to Europe, I will get an IV of vitamin C or another immune booting formula before my trip. While these can be pricey, I feel like it will be worth lessening my risk of catching a severe illness.

Sixth, When traveling anywhere that can be accessed either by car or by train within 2 days I will rethink whether or not flying is best and safest way for me to make the trip. I’ve never taken a trip by train and I’ve wanted to for awhile so I can see myself making a trip somewhere by train in the near future.

Seventh, I will likely travel less and to locations that are really on my bucket list and not just to anywhere I can find a deal.

What changes will you make to your travel plans to make travel healthier for you?

For now these are my plans. They might and probably will change but for now these are the ways I plan to make travel healthier for me and my current health needs.