Turmeric Powder vs Turmeric Essential Oil

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Have you ever wondered what is the difference between turmeric powder vs turmeric essential oil? This is a common question. So common that I decided to answer this question in the video below. As far as which one to do I prefer? I actually use both turmeric powder and turmeric essential oil, I just use them both in different ways.

Have you tried them both? Do you have a preference? Share below with me in the comments.

What is the Doterra Life Long Vitality Pack?

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Have you heard about the Doterra life long vitality pack and wondered what it is and how you may be able to benefit from it? Many people have so keep reading to learn all about the Doterra life long vitality pack and how it may help you have increased health and wellness.

First, what exactly is it? The Doterra life long vitality pack is a set of 3 different vitamins. (Although they really are more than just vitamins and I’ll explain that in this post as well.) First, is what you would consider your multi-vitamin. Second, is a fish oil- omega supplement. Third is an energy boosting supplement with the Alpha CRS. Together they combine to make a powerful pack that can really change your life.

Second- What does it do? Well the name explains a big part of it. It helps improve your vitality. In other words, it helps you have more energy, reduces inflammation and helps boost your overall health and wellness. I always recommend that everyone who is new to essential oils and or to natural solutions for wellness to try it. In fact, for some people who are really struggling to achieve good health, starting with the Doterra life long vitality pack can have a bigger impact on their health than any of the essential oils. We live in a world today where we simply do not get enough of the vitamins and minerals we need from our food. We also often have diets that are less than ideal and this trio of supplements can help give you what your body needs and is not getting.

Third- how is it different from other less expensive vitamins you find at the store? Simply put there is nothing that compares in quality or with the number of antioxidants, super foods, vitamins and minerals that are in this power pack. It really is unique in the marketplace. There are also no filers, dyes or other additives that you often find in other supplements.

Last but not least, it’s basically free to try it for 30 days, since Doterra will give you a refund if you try it and it doesn’t at least improve your life and your health in some way.

You have nothing to risk and everything to gain. Click here to try it today or contact me for information on getting it at a discount with our wholesale membership.

My Favorite Powdered Greens

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Do you use powdered greens? If not, you really should give them a try. There are probably hundreds of varieties of powdered greens available for sale at everywhere from Walmart to Target to Sprouts to Amazon and yes even Doterra has some powdered greens. Watch the video below to learn about how to choose the right powdered greens for you and what to look for when purchasing powdered greens. Personally I really like those that can be taken only in water as well as with a smoothie. Some powdered greens taste nasty by themselves and I like to avoid those.

What have been your experiences with powdered greens? Do you use them regularly? Do you use them only occasionally? or have you never used them? Share with me in the comments below.

Are you magnesium deficient?

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Are you getting enough magnesium in your diet or through supplementation? If you are like most people the answer is no. I’ve read statistics that say that as much as 90% of us aren’t getting enough and are therefore magnesium deficient.

Why is this happening? The short answer is that we don’t eat enough of the foods that have a high amount of magnesium in them.

When was the last time you ate these foods?

Raw Spinach
Squash and Pumpkin Seeds
Macquerel Fish
Black Eyed Peas

If you are like the average American (and probably Canadian and other Ango-Saxon countries too). Most of these things are not things you eat on a regular basis. Even if you do our bodies actually require more magnesium than you might think. Some of the things we need magnesium for include:

A healthy heart
Healthy circulation
Reduction in inflammation in pain- for example a magnesium spray or supplement can sometimes help to reduce back and leg pain from walking long distances, working out, cramps due to the female menstral cycle and other common causes.
It also helps with focus and concentration as well as proper sleeping habits.
Builds strong bones

What can happen if you don’t get enough magnesium?

Well in addition to the things listed above, a magensium deficincy is also one of the causes of cravings. Did you know that if you are craving chocolate, it usually means that you are magnesium deficent? In fact dark chocolate also has high magnesium. No that doesn’t mean you can just eat chocolate all the time, however, it is one way to get more magnesium.

Check out this article on 7 reasons to get more magnesium.

Magnesium supplements are readily available and easy to use. I really like the spray magnesium from Amazon as it’s easy to use and you can spray it on your stomach, legs and arms for relief and relaxing and it absorbs into your skin and body much easier that way.

Life-flo Pure Magnesium Oil, 8 Ounce

Why Aren’t My Supplements Working?

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Are you taking supplements and yet they aren’t working or at least you think they aren’t working? This is a common problem and is one of the reasons that many people stop taking them.

Let’s explore the common reasons why supplements don’t work or people don’t think they are working:

1. You don’t need them. Yes it’s possible for you to not need supplements. Regardless of what you may have heard, supplements are not always necessary for all people. Yes it’s true that most people are not eating enough fruits and vegetables and therefore not getting enough of several crucial vitamins and minerals, but, that may not be you. Furthermore everyone’s bodies are different so it’s possible that supplements simply aren’t necessary for you.

2. You need supplements but the ones you are taking are the wrong ones for you. For example you may need more Vitamin D and E but not calcium and you may be taking supplements that have more calcium but not more Vitamins D and E.

3. The supplements you are taking aren’t strong enough for you. For example, you may need 500mg of Vitamin D but the supplement you are taking has only 200mg of Vitamin D.

4. You are taking supplements of low or sub-standard quality. Not all supplements sold are equal. There are lots of high quality supplements but also several that are not. In fact, many supplements have additives in them that aren’t healthy and in some cases they may not even actually contain the things that the label says they do.

If you are struggling to figure out the right supplements for you, or if you even need them, schedule your free wellness consultation with me today and let’s figure it out.