Does your blood type impact your food allergies and or food sensitivities?

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Does your blood type have an impact on any food allergies or food sensitivities that you may have? Listen below as I talk about this.

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Why You Must Not Ignore Food Sensitivities

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Do you think that food sensitivities are no big deal? Have you been taught to believe that food sensitivities aren’t real? The reality is that even though many doctors claim that they don’t believe in them, they are real and can in some cases cause even more problems especially for your long-term health than allergies. Food sensitivities can in fact, be the root cause of a lot of health problems including asthma, seasonal allergies, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, and digestive issues. They can also be a lot harder to diagnose than food allergies.

Here are a few research articles on the topic of food sensitivities.

Non-celiac wheat sensitivity as an allergic condition: personal experience and narrative review.

Effects of foods and beverages on the symptoms of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Another important thing to remember is that while gluten and dairy are the most common food sensitivities, they are not the only ones. I personally have a severe food sensitivity to brazil nuts, blueberries and asparagus. For years, I didn’t realize I had these and had a lot of health issues including year-round sinus allergies and infections which only cleared up when I stopped eating these and other foods that were bugging me.

So in short, if you want good health and want to be as drug-free as possible, then you need to identify and work on healing from your food sensitivities.

5 Less Known Clues That You May Have a Food Sensitivity

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Do you have a food sensitivity?

Many people do and yet they often don’t realize it. So how do you figure out if your health issue is connected to a food sensitivity? Here are 5 less known clues and health concerns that are often but not always connected to a food sensitivity.

1. Headaches and Migraines- Yes what you eat can impact these and many people realize it because they immediately connect eating certain foods with headaches and migraines. However, sometimes you may get them a lot or all of sudden start getting them and not realize that you may have a food sensitivity and fail to make the connection.

2. Insomnia or trouble sleeping- Many people don’t realize that this is a big warning sign for a food sensitivity or even a food allergy. For example, I cannot sleep at night if I eat blueberries.

3. Constant fatigue. Are you tired a lot? If so, you probably have one or several food sensitivities that are causing this. Yes, there are other reasons you may be tired but the food you are eating has a big impact on your energy level.

4. Constant “seasonal” allergies. This is not normal and if you feel like you need to take a drug or other home allergy remedy all the time, rather than just during peak allergy season, then you probably have at least a few food sensitivities.

5. Sinus pain, or constant sore throats or sinus infections. Yes, you can get these periodically without a food sensitivity, but if you get them a lot then you probably need to look at what you are eating.

Need help figuring out what they are, or how to create a meal plan once you know that you have them?

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