What is primary food and why is it so important?

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Have you heard about primary food? The reality is that many people have not. However, it is in some cases more important than secondary food. Primary food is defined as everything that fuels you in life that isn’t food. Whereas secondary food is the actual food on your plate. Examples of primary food include:

Home Environment
Physical Exercise

and anything else that has an impact on your life and your overall health.

In his book in Primary Food, Joshua Rosenthal talks about various ways that you can improve your life by improving the various areas of primary food mentioned above. He also shares ideas on how you can heal with primary food and asks questions that you can answer to help you understand what may be lacking in various areas of your life and how you can work to lessen those gaps.

The Power of Primary Food: Nourishment Beyond The Plate

The Allergy Fighting Garden

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Have you ever considered growing a garden to fight allergies? While I know that eating organic food can help with allergies and therefore the least expensive way to get organic food is to grow it yourself, it never occurred to me that you could actually create an allergy fighting garden with plants, flowers and other things that are not food.

In his book “The Allergy Fighting Garden” Thomas Ogren teaches you exactly how to do just that. Some of the things he talks about include: how to chose allergy fighting plants, the importance of the sex of the plant for fighting allergies, the different types of flowering plants, how to tell the boys from the girls, allergy blocking hedges, eliminating allergy causing spores, how to do proper watering and irrigation, insects and disease and much more.

He also ranks various plants according to those which are least and most allergenic with very thorough details on each plant. Also included are: a glossary of horticulture terms, recommended reading list, useful websites, and a pollen calendar. This book has really got me thinking as I am now quite fascinated with the concept of growing a garden specifically for allergies. For now, I can’t do it as I don’t have the land on which to grow the garden, but it is certainly something I will consider for the future.

Disclaimer: I did receive a free ebook copy of “The Allergy Fighting Garden” after connecting with Thomas Ogren on Linkedin.

Buy your copy at: The Allergy-Fighting Garden: Stop Asthma and Allergies with Smart Landscaping

P.S. The small print on the ebook version is somewhat hard to read so I do recommend the hard copy of this book.

Integrative Nutrition Book Review

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Are you confused by nutrition? Does it seem like there are lots of conflicting options about nutrition and dietary theories? If so, you are not alone. The reality is that nutrition is the only science if you want to call it that, where there are lots of contrasting and conflicting options.

In the book “Integrative Nutirtion: Feed Your Hunger for Health and Happiness” Joshua Rosenthal founder and director of the institute of integrative nutrition explains and clarifies the often confusing world of nutrition. Some of the topics covered in this book include: The Myths of Nutrition, Postmodern nutrition, dietary theories, The global ripple effect of nutrition and how we eat, Deconstructing Cravings, Primary Food and Secondary Foods, Foods to Avoid or Minimize, Cooking Like Your Life Depends on it Because in Fact It May, Reasons to Be Healthy, and a Selection of Healthy and Sugar Free Recipes.

If you are looking for a good, common sense way to finally understand the field of nutrition and get started on your journey to good health by changing the way you eat then this book is for you.

Download your preview of this book at: My IIN Site Click on the banner at the top of the page.