5 Things I Learned From Reading Paleo Frozen Desserts

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Have you tried to make any paleo frozen desserts? I know I’ve tried them a few times but honestly, sometimes I just feel lazy. While I’m not really a strict paleo, I have been dairy free for some time which is a part of the paleo diet and lifestyle. However, since finding out in January that I have Hashimoto’s, I’ve been trying to go paleo as much as possible. I downloaded the book, Paleo Frozen Desserts: Amazing & Delicious, Quick & Easy, Low Calorie & Healthy on Amazon for free back in 2014 when it was available as a free download, (as of the date of this post in March 2018, it is $2.99), but had never really taken the time to read through it and use some of the recipes. However, lately, I’ve been experiencing sticker shock over the high cost of dairy-free ice creams. The average cost is about $5 for one pint depending on where you buy it, the brand and if it’s on sale or not. So it’s about 3 times more costly than ice cream made with cow’s milk.

So I recently took some more time to read through Paleo Frozen Desserts: Amazing & Delicious, Quick & Easy, Low Calorie & Healthy and found that making your own dairy-free ice cream, isn’t as difficult as it might seem.

Here are the five main things I’ve learned from reading this book:

1. You can use many of the same ingredients with dairy free ice cream as you do with ice cream made with cow’s milk. In fact, in most cases, all you need to do is change the cow’s milk for almond, coconut, cashew or other dairy free milk. You can also use the same ice cream maker you would use for regular ice cream.

2. Honey is a great sweetener and can be used with paleo frozen desserts just like you would sugar or other sweeteners.

3. You can use a blender to make dairy free ice cream and it makes it so easy. You just mix all the ingredients and then freeze for 5-6 hours.

4. 5-6 hours is the standard amount of time needed to make dairy free ice cream so the best way to make these paleo frozen desserts, is to plan ahead and make them at night so they can freeze while you are sleeping. Then in the morning, you will have delicious ice cream ready for you to eat and enjoy.

5. Almond flour can be used to make great cake pops. These are also really simple to make with just a few ingredients.

Which paleo frozen dessert do you want to try first?

Special Diets for Special Kids

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The book “Special Diets for Specail Kids” is a nice big book with over 350 pages. Updated a couple of times, the most recent edition was published in 2011 however, the information is still very relevant.  This book is based on the idea that the Gluten Free Casein Free diet is the best one for children with autism, sensory issues and or ADD/ADHD.  The book starts with a very thorough introduction about why diet changes can help special kids as well as explaining the various ways to get tested for allergies and food sensitivities. The next chapter talks about nutritional support including an overview of the various vitamins and nutrients and the role they play in health. The next chapter is called How and What to Feed Your Child. This chapter talks about how to start the gluten free casein free diet and what exactly to feed your child.  The rest of the book is divided into chapters based on meals and types of food including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Also included are recipes on how to make dairy free milks, gluten free breads and recipes for holidays including Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The book also includes a CD at the back with the recipes in PDF format on it. While I’ve read a lot of books on special diets for special  kids I have to say this is one of if not the best one. The recipes are for the most part simple and made with ready to find ingredients. The book is made with pictures and bigger print making it easier to read and follow along. In fact, even some children may be able to follow the recipes if they are old enough and can read.

The biggest disadvantage to the book “Special Diets for Special Kids” is that the focus is exclusively on the Gluten Free Casein Free diet. While this is great for parents who are trying out or using this diet with their kids, there are other diets such as paleo and this book does not take these diets into account at all.

Buy a copy of the book here. Special Diets for Special Kids, Volumes 1 and 2 Combined: Over 200 REVISED and NEW gluten-free casein-free recipes, plus research on the positive … ADHD, allergies, celiac disease, and more!

10 Great Healthy Eating Books

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healthy eating books

One of the best ways to learn more about healthy eating is by reading good books on the topic. However, finding the best ones and especially those that focus on gluten free and healthy eating for those with limited diets can be challenging. While I also do enjoy cookbooks and recipe books, sometimes I like to read books that contain a combination of recipes with advice and tips on healthy eating. Here are 10 great healthy eating books that I have read and recommend to everyone.

1. This is a great book because it talks all about your digestive health and wellness with a focus on how healthy eating impacts your digestive system. It also talks about how to determine what foods you should and should not eat. If you are wondering if you have a problem with leaky gut, this is also a great healthy eating book to read.

2. I wrote another blog post about this book at: The Diet Cure: The 8 Step Program to Rebalance Your Body Chemistry. I had the chance to listen to this author on a webinar a few years ago and this book is a great one especially if you have or think you have any problems with hormonal imbalances.

3. This is one of the books that was required reading as a student in my health coaching program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In this book Alicia Silverstone talks all about the reasons why she became a vegan and why being a vegan is a viable option for healthy eating for some people. I found the book quite interesting even though I’m not a vegan and don’t plan to become one.

4. chinastudy The China Study books explores the results of the most comprehensive research study every done on the impact of nutrition and healthy eating on long term health including weight loss and other health issues.

5. This book explores various superfoods and talks about what they are, how they can help you improve your health, how to eat them and more. If you have ever wondered about superfoods and how you can incorporate them into your diet, then this is a book well worth your time to read.

6. This is a great book full of case studies as well as useful information on how to change your diet and embrace an eat to live mindset and lifestyle. Written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman who is an expert in the field of managing and in some cases even curing type II diabetes with nutrition and diet lifestyle changes. If you are struggling with weight loss or have high blood sugar, this book is a healthy eating must read.

7. Are you worried about protecting your brain and improving your memory? Then this book is a must read. Learn all about how you can use healthy eating to prevent and improve memory and other brain support issues.

8. This is one best seller book that started many people reconsidering who should and shouldn’t be gluten free. In this book you will learn about how grains and especially those with gluten can effect the brain. Learn why the gluten free lifestyle is not just for celiacs anymore.

9. If you have any kind of autoimmune disease, this healthy eating and lifestyle book is a must read. While I can’t say that I agree 100% with everything in this book, it has a lot of great information and gives great insights into how you must change your diet in order to recover from autoimmune issues. It also has some great recipes and tips on how to successfully implement an elimination diet in order to figure out which foods may or may not be causing problems for you.

10. Written by Joshua Rosenthal the founder of the health coaching school of which I am a graduate, this book lays the foundation for why the same eating plan and diet will not work for everyone. I wrote another post on this book at: Integrative Nutrition Book Review.

Which of these books have you read? Did I miss a favorite of yours? Please share below in the comments.