Why I Quit Paleo

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Why I quit paleo? Yes it’s true I tried going paleo for a few months but recently I quit paleo. In this post I’m going to share with you why I started paleo in the first place, what happened while I was on paleo, and why I quit paleo and what I’m doing instead.

So why did I start paleo in the first place?

While I’ve had thyroid issues for years, I was only diagnosed with Hashimoto’s back in January. In case you don’t know this is an autoimmune disease that also puts you at risk for more autoimmune diseases and no you can’t just take medication and expect all your symptoms and problems to go away. So while I am on medication at least for now, I have to be very proactive about my health and what I put in my mouth. There are quite a few books including some really great ones that talk about how great the Paleo diet is for thyroid disorders. While I’ve been gluten free and 95% dairy free (let’s be honest I cheat every once in awhile on the dairy) for nearly 5 years, I had never tried to go full out paleo and cut out all grains, beans, and other legumes. While I feel pretty good most of the time, I really should release about 50 pounds of extra weight and I am tired more than I’d like and get headaches more than I’d like as well. So I thought why not try Paleo? So I did.

What I hoped to gain by doing it

By going paleo I was hoping to release my extra weight, gain extra energy and get rid of my headaches. I’d heard that lots of people have intolerances to not only gluten free grains but to all grains and legumes so I thought that by going paleo which requires you to not eat any of these, I would see improvements.

What actually happened

Unfortunately none of the above. I maybe released 5 pounds at most and haven’t really kept it off. I didn’t have more energy than before and in fact, if anything I had less energy and was tired more often. I spent more money on food since paleo foods and snacks are more expensive and I work a lot and am on the go and can’t just stay home and cook everything. Plus I live in a household with other people who aren’t even gluten free or dairy free so often I have to cook my own meals or at least modify them to fit with my dietary needs. Plus I still got headaches. In short, I didn’t think it worked for me and in fact it was more of a pain and more work than it was worth. That said I still believe that Paleo can work for some people, it just didn’t work for me. However, I am glad that paleo recipes and paleo cookbooks exist since I do still like to make some of those recipes to avoid eating too many grains.

Why I decided to Quit Paleo and what I’m doing instead

Okay, so I quit Paleo because of the reasons mentioned above. What am I doing instead then? I’m still gluten free and mostly dairy free. I’m trying to avoid soy as much as possible. I’m also not eating oats, rice or other grains on a regular basis. I do however, occasionally eat something like a kind bar that has gluten free oats, or a gluten free cookie made with rice flour. I’m also trying to avoid foods with high lectins as much as possible as explained in the book- The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain While many of the same foods with lectins are forbidden by paleo, there are some important differences. For example, millet contains no lectins. So while it is a grain, and would be disallowed by paleo, is still okay when avoided lectins. This is just one of several examples. I’m also striving to eat as healthy and as well balanced as possible, even while sometimes enjoying a few grains and beans.

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