Why Every Celiac Needs Essential Oils


If you are a celiac that is you have celiac disease then you need essential oils. While I personally believe that everyone needs essential oils, if you are a celiac then you have an even bigger need for essential oils. Let me explain why. Everyone knows that there is no cure for celiac disease and that the only way to avoid symptoms and to allow your body to heal is by not eating gluten. That said, never ever eating gluten is a lot harder than many people make it out to be. Gluten is hidden in so many things and cross contamination is a big problem. Furthermore celiacs have weaker immune systems than many people and therefore they can get sick a lot easier than non-celiacs. So here are my reasons why every celiac needs essential oils:

1. They can help give you relief from symptoms of when you do get glutened and while you certainly need to do your best to avoid it, its bound to happen once in a while. Peppermint and ginger are my favorites for this because they can help ease an upset stomach.

2. They can help to boost your immune system and make it so that you will get sick less often and when you do you won’t be as sick. Orange, clove, oregano, cinnamon and melaleuca are some of my favorite essential oils to help boost immunity.

3. They can help ease and sooth rashes that seem to appear either after you have been glutened or for no apparent reason. Lavender and melaleuca are my favorites for this.

4. They can help with detoxing your body after getting glutened or just to help you cleanse out your system and feel better. Orange, lemon, lime and any other citrus essential oil are the best for this.

If you are a celiac and you’ve used essential oils, share below in the comments how you use them and any other thoughts or comments.

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