Wellness Discovery Session

When was the last time you had the chance to talk with someone about your health and wellness for an hour and that person actually listened to what you had to say and actually cared?

Can you relate to any of the following?

checkmarkI have “seasonal” allergies that aren’t seasonal and I’ve tried every allergy medication there is and none are working.
checkmarkI’ve been stold I need to impleement a gluten free diet and I’m overwhelmed or having a hard time doing it.
checkmarkI fall asleep while working or don’t get adequate sleep at night.
checkmarkI want to start using essential oils but I’m not sure which ones to use and need some training and coaching
checkmarkIt takes me forever to grocery shop.
checkmarkI don’t know what I can eat for dinner that will taste good, be healthy and can be cooked quickly.
checkmarkI’m tired of eating the same thing over and over.
checkmarkI want more energy.
checkmarkI’m tired of skin that has rashes and itches.
checkmarkI’m struggling to stay motivated to make the changes to my health and diet that my doctor or another health care professional has recommended
checkmarkI’m overwhelmed and clueless about which diet I should follow or which diet I should use with my child

If one or more of these is true for you, then I want to help.

As a health coach, I can help support you in your journey for health and wellness and I can help you in ways that a doctor, a nutritionist and other health care professionals cannot.

I can assist you in actually implementing the advice that you have already received and in doing what you know you should do for your health but you can’t seem to make it happen.

Click the button below and let’s chat. It won’t be a high-pressure sales pitch but rather a nice friendly conversation. I’ll ask you some questions about your health and what changes you are looking to make and if and only if I think we can work together I’ll give you some options.