Gaps Vs Body Ecology Diet for Autism

Have you ever heard of the gaps diet or the body ecology diet for autism? If you have done any research into autism diets you have probably at least heard of both of these diets, although you may not know exactly what they are or what it takes to put your child on one of them.

In this post, I thought I would compare the gaps vs body ecology diet so that you can get an idea of the differences between these two diets for autism.

Both Diets

The gaps and the body ecology diet are both commonly used to heal the gut and improve digestion in children with autism and or sensory issues, digestive and gut issues or illnesses such as Chrohns, Celiac, Colitis, Candida and other autoimmune conditions.

Both diets are gluten free and casein free however, they are also both much stricter that the gluten free casein free diet.

Both diets require eating probiotics and fermented foods.

Both diets are usually followed for a maximum of 1 year. They are not permanent diets but rather used to help reset and cleanse the gut and digestive system for maximum healing.

Gaps Diet

The gaps diet requires bone broth to be eaten at least twice per day.

This diet does not allow any sugar including fruit.

This diet is grain free so even rice and millet are not allowed.

This diet is very strict and can be tough to follow as well as quite expensive.

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Body Ecology

The Body Ecology diet allows a small amount of fruit such as apples or berries but all other sources of sugar are not allowed.

This diet also allows a small amount of brown rice, quinoa, millet and other gluten free grains. It is not completely grain free.

This diet is less complicated and not as strict as the gaps diet.

The body ecology diet is also followed in phases depending upon how long you have been on it.

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Not sure which of these the gaps vs body ecology diet is right for your child? or maybe you think a different diet is better?

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