Top Essential Oil Apps

essential oil apps

Have you used any essential oil apps? Essential oil apps are great for learning all about various uses of essential oils and for having an essential oil education available while on the go. If you decide to build an essential oils business, then essential oil apps can also help with that too. Here are what I consider to the 6 top essential oil apps. These apps are all available in iOS for iPhone and iPad and most if not all are probably on android as well.

1. Doterra Daily Drop- This app contains a complete library of essential oil videos based on the usage of Doterra essential oils. There are videos according to category. The categories include: weight management, athlete, children, spa, emotional wellness, spring cleanse and lifestyle. There is also a Determine your mood feature that you can use to determine which emotional wellness blends are appropriate according to your current state of mood. The Doterra daily drop app is also available for android.

2. Modern Essentials- This essential oil app is based on the book “Modern Essentials” published by Aroma Tools in Pleasant Grove, Utah. This app is also available for android as well. The Modern Essentials app is basically a mobile friendly version the Modern Essentials book. This app does cost $6.99 however, it is well worth the investment. There are sections on how to use every oil sold by Doterra as well as how to use oils for a wide variety of health concerns. You can also find diffuser and skin care recipes, a pregnancy safety chart and more.

3. Essential Oils Reference Guide Free- This is a great app if you want an essential oil app that will give you the basics of how to use essential oils for various health issues and for learning about the basic uses of all of the most popular essential oils.

4. Healthy Essentials- This is another essential oil reference app. You can type in various terms and search in order to find information on various issues and oils. The search feature is nice, however, it does not have information as many health issues as some other essential oil apps. It is also ad supported and the ads are a bit annoying at times.

5. Oils Map- This is another reference and learning app for essential oils. The different sections include: Oil index, common uses, did you know? essential oil basics, my favorites and my oils. The my oils section allows you to keep track of what essential oils you have, experiment with blends, take notes and keep track of contacts.

6. Oils Premier- This is my favorite free essential oil reference app. There is a large collection of recipes along with detailed information and plant pictures for each oil. There is also information on the various application methods for each oil.

Do you have a favorite essential oil app? Did I include it here? If not, let me know in the comments.

Emotional wellness with essential oils for autism

emotional wellness with essential oils

Have you ever considered how to use essential oils for emotional wellness for autism? If not, you are not alone. This is not something that many people are even aware is possible. Yet emotional wellness with essential oils is not only possible but is one of the best ways to use essential oils. What happens in your brain when you smell your favorite cookies? What about the smells of fall? What about the smell of your favorite perfume? Something happens in your brain that creates a certain mood or feeling. The same thing happens with essential oils only they are much more powerful than many other smells. Have you ever tried cutting open an orange and smelling it? What about the smell of lemon in a clean kitchen? These smells have a tendency to make us feel happy and uplifted. Essential oils work in the same way. If you are feeling a bit gloomy, or sad, then there are essential oils that can help. People with autism often struggle with their emotional wellness more than those who are not on the autism spectrum. Emotional wellness with essential oils can help to provide a natural and healthy solution instead of turning to chemicals. To get a better idea of how essential oils can help with emotional wellness, watch the following video.

One of the main things that essential oils can help with is to help reduce meltdowns and temper tantrums. As any parent of a child with autism knows, these are one of if not the biggest problems that parents experience. It can also be difficult for people on the autism spectrum of manage and control their emotions. Personally before I used essential oils, I used to struggle with temporary bursts of crying over silly and petty things or I would get moody without any real reason. Using essential oils for my emotional wellness has mostly eliminated this problem. While there are lots of ways to control emotions, smells are one of the most powerful and essential oils have strong and powerful smells.

How have you used essential oils to help with emotional wellness? Share with me in the comments below. If you haven’t tried them yet and want to, contact me and let’s chat.

How Essential Oils Can Help You Achieve Your New Years Goals

essential oils goals

Have you ever considered how essential oils can help you achieve your new years goals? Here are some ideas for you.

Balance- help you to get and maintain more balanced in your life

Peace- Help to reduce fear and worry

Forgive- Help you to discover the liberating action of forgiving, forgetting and moving on

Motivate- Help you to have more feelings of confidence, courage and belief

Passion- help you to have more feelings of excitement, passion and joy

Serenity- help you to reduce worry and things in life that cause you stress, it also has the added benefit of helping you to have a more restful sleep

Cheer- help to put you in a more cheerful mood

Console- help you when you are suffering from a loss or grief such as the death of a pet or loved one.

Learn more about how to chose the right emotional wellness blend for you.

Why Certified Aromatherapists Aren’t Always Right About Essential Oils

certified aromatherapists

Do you follow and listen to certified aromatherapists to learn about essential oils and how to use them? So do I. However, I think it is important for you to understand why certified aromatherapists aren’t always right about essential oils and why they don’t always know everything when it comes to essential oils. While I’ve learned a lot from them, there are some key reasons why you can’t just assume they know it all.

1. There are three main different schools of aromatherapy. The German school, the British School and the French School plus there is also an American school that is less known but nonetheless is still in existence. What this means is that each school has different methods of teaching about essential oils and in some cases they even believe different things. For example the French school of aromatherapy has taught for years that safe usage of the right essential oils internally is okay, whereas the British, German and usually the American schools are strictly against it and believe that essential oils should never be used internally.

2. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of providers of essential oils and most certified aromatherapists are only familiar with maybe five providers if that many. Most have 1-2 providers they use and may have used a few others in the past.

3. Many certified aromatherapists seem to have an agenda against essential oils from direct sales or network marketing companies despite the fact that most of them have never even used their oils. There are a variety of reasons but the most common reason is that some distributors ruin things by making health claims about essential oils that they should not make. There are also some who are still holding on to the outdated idea that people should only use essential oils when under the instruction and care of a certified aromatherapist. As much as they would like to believe this, it simply isn’t true anymore. There are lots of ways to learn about essential oils and how to use them safely and effectively.

What things have you heard a certified aromatherapist say that you have questioned? Share below in the comments.

Emotional Wellness with Find Your Mood App

How is your emotional wellness? In my opinion and from my experiences emotional wellness is one of the less talked about aspects of health and wellness. However, it is actually just as important if not more important than physical health and wellness. What if there was a simple and easy to use way to mange your emotional wellness by figuring out which essential oils can help support and improve many of the common negative emotions? Well know there is. With the Doterra daily drop app for iPhone, ipad, and android devices. You can download this emotional wellness app for free and start using it today.

Watch the video below to learn more about how this app and the emotional wellness essential oil blends from Doterra can help you improve your emotional wellness. Learn how to manage your negative emotions and become a happier and more productive person.

Downlaod daily drop for the iphone

Download the daily drop for android

Warning: This information does not take the place of advice from Doctors or therapists for people with severe depression and other medical disorders.

Essential Oils and Dental Care

essential oils and dental care

Essential oils and dental care? Yes really. Essential oils are a great addition to your dental care. Yet it is an aspect of using essential oils that many people don’t think of. Do you have nightmares when you think about taking your child with autism or other sensory challenges to the dentist? I know many parents do and for many good reasons. Taking a child who struggles with sensory issues to the dentist can be one of the biggest hassles you face. Furthermore, trying to find natural ways to helping your child and you with teeth and other dental issues can be challenging as well. Essential oils can help. Here are some ways you can use essential oils for dental care and to make your trips to the dentist easier and more peaceful.

1. Rub a few drops of balance grounding blend or lavender essential oil on the wrists, or bottoms of feet of your child and or you. Doing this can help you and your child to calm down and experience a feeling of grounding and prepare you both for the unpleasant experience of a trip to the dental office. I recommend applying the oils right before you get in the car and leave. You can also apply them again during the dental appointment.

2. Rub 1-2 drops of clove essential oils on the gums to help with numbing the gums and therefore helping to reduce unpleasant feelings in the teeth.

3. Swish around 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 1-2 drops of melaleuca, clove and or peppermint essential oil in the mouth for 5-10 minutes and then spit out without swallowing. This is called oil pulling and can help reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth and keep your teeth feeling fresh and clean.

4. Encourage your dentist to diffuse essential oils in the office. Citrus oils are always a great choice. If that is not possible right now, bring your diffuser with you and try diffusing in the treatment room during your child’s dental appointment.

These are just a few suggestions as to how your can use essential oils for dental care and improve your experience with your child at the dentist and after you go home.

How an Essential Oils Business Can Help You and Your Child with Autism

essential oils business

Have you ever thought about starting an essential oils business? Many people are finding that an essential oils business is a great way to make a little extra money each month, replace a job, or in some cases even make a lot of life changing income. But what if you have a child with autism? Could an essential oils business help your child? Absolutely.

Here are some of the ways an essential oils business can help you and your child with autism:

1. Essential oils can provide a natural solution to help you improve you and your child’s overall wellbeing.
2. Essential oils can help you as a tired and stressed out mom of a child with autism to relax, feel more calm and enjoy a more restful sleep. At the same time they can also help your child sleep better and as any mom of a child with autism knows sleep for you and your child is a must in order to keep your sanity.
3. Essential oils are increasing in popularity and one of the keys to a successful business is that you need to sell a product or service that is in high demand and that people are willing to pay for.
4. An essential oils business can be started at a low cost and as a mom of a child with autism, chances are good you don’t have lots of money to start a business.
5. An essential oils business can be worked part time while your child is at school, asleep, or at a therapy appointment. You can work it for 10-15 minutes at a time several times throughout the day.

What questions do you have about how you can make an essential oils business work for you and your child with autism? Ask in the comments below or schedule a time to chat with me.

My Top 5 Essential Oils and How to Use Them

top essential oils

What are my top 5 essential oils? Well this is a tricky question and one that is hard to answer. I actually would love to have 50 top essential oils if I could since I love them all and for different reasons. However, if I had to choose just 5, I would choose these 5 below.

1. Lemon
Lemon is a great all purpose essential oil for cleaning and cleansing your body but also your house. You can even remove permanent ink stains from your walls with lemon essential oil. You can drink a glass of water with 1-2 drops of lemon to help detoxify and cleanse your body. Lemon is also provides a nice fresh and clean aroma when diffused.


2. Melaleuca(also known as tea tree)
Melaleuca is great for helping with any kind of skin issue. It can also help to boost your immune system and to promote quick healing when you aren’t feeling well. It also works well for relief of occasional discomfort in the throat.
Did you go hiking or camping and come home with some redness on the skin or another skin problem you wish you didn’t have? Then melaleuca can help. Melaleuca is also great for brushing your teeth and helping to promote good oral health.


3. Lavender
While I love all essential oils as mentioned above, if I had to chose one of my top essential oils, lavender would be the one. Many people refer to lavender as the queen of essential oils because you can do almost anything with it. However, some of the best uses include: relief from too much sun, relief from bee stings and bug bites, relief from seasonal threats that have a tendency to bother us in the Spring and Fall, as well as helping to promote a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Lavender is also great for helping to fall asleep and to continue to have a more restful sleep.

4. Peppermint
Peppermint is probably the most well known of all of the essential oils. Even people who have never really used them often recognize peppermint. Have you have had a tummy ache and made yourself a glass of peppermint tea to help relieve it? Peppermint essential oil can do the same thing although it is a lot more powerful. It can also be used to help promote clear breathing and clear out the sinuses when they get a little stuffed up. I also really love the smell and you can diffuse it with lavender or lemon or another citrus essential oil for a nice uplifting aroma. It is also cooling and can help soothe sore and tired muscles.

5. Eucalyptus
This is another great one for helping to promote clear and easy breathing as well as helping to clear your sinuses. Got a stuffy nose? You can help clear it out by putting 2-3 drops of eucalyptus in a bowl of hot water and then inhaling the vapors. Eucalyptus is also used commercially in a lot of cough drops and gum. This is one of the top essential oils that you cannot use internally. It is only for external use. I also like to diffuse eucalyptus and peppermint together.

How to Flavor Tin Foil Dinners with Essential Oils

tin foil dinners

Have you ever considered flavoring tin foil dinners with essential oils? If you are like most people you haven’t. Yet if you know how to do this properly, you can make healthier dinners while camping that have fewer calories and less fat and yet taste delicious by taking advantage of the flavors in essential oils.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Make sure that the essential oils you are using are either a food grade or are labeled as safe for internal use. This is not true of all essential oils so you need to double check the ones you are using first.

2. Decide which essential oils you want to use with your tin foil dinners. Personally the best ones I’ve found are:

Black Pepper

If you are cooking anything sweet you can also try Cinnamon or Cassia.

These oils are the best because they are also those which usually are used in an herb or spice format when cooking tin foil dinners.

3. While the number of combinations that you can cook are nearly endless. My favorites include: lemon with any kind of chicken or fish, cilantro with any chicken or fish and or anything with tomatoes in it. Basil is also good with any kind of tomato dish. Eggs with black pepper, thyme, or cilantro. Vegetables with cilantro, thyme, and or basil. Basil or black pepper and lemon also goes really well with potato dishes.

4. Use only 1-3 drops per tin foil dinner depending upon how much food is inside the tin foil. This is crucial as essential oils are very potent and using more than that is too much and will overwhelm you with too much flavor.

5. Cook your tin foil dinner just like you would without essential oils.

How to prevent essential oil poisoning of your children

Essential Oil Safety for Children

Are you worried about essential oil poisoning and children? There have been several media reports lately about children being poisoned by essential oils. While this is a valid concern, all it takes is a few safety precautions and you can easily prevent essential oil poisoning from occurring. Here are some things to think about and some action steps to take.

1. Remember that while essential oils are natural, natural doesn’t necessarily mean safe. Plenty of things are natural but still aren’t safe. Furthermore, many things are natural and safe when used in the proper amounts and in the proper ways. Essential oils are one of these things. They are safe for both children and adults when used properly.

2. Keep all of your essential oils locked away in a cupboard or other place for safe keeping. A young child who can climb should not be able to access your essential oils on his or her own without help from an adult.

3. Teach your child that he or she must not use essential oils without asking you or another trusted adult first.

4. Teach your children how to properly use essential oils so that if he or she does accidentally get into them, so he or she will know how to use them properly. This means never ever putting more than 1-2 drops on at a time, putting the oils only on the hands, wrists, or feet and never ever in the ears, eyes, nose, or mouth. Even if you are using essential oils internally you should not use them in this way with any children under the age of 6. Your child should not think of essential oils as food, or as something that you can eat or drink.

5. Always have some coconut oil, olive oil, jojaba oil or other carrier oil ready to dilute your essential oils if needed. I like to have roller bottles already prepared with both a carrier oil and an essential oil and to teach children to only use these. That way if they do get into them, they will avoid many of the skin issues that can arise when too much of an essential oil is put on the skin.

6. Educate yourself about essential oils so that you will know how much is too much and you will know which ones can be used internally and which ones are poisonous when used in that manner.

Comment below if you have additional ideas on how to avoid essential oil poisoning.