10 of My Favorite Essential Oil Ebooks

Have you ever read any essential oil ebooks? If not you are missing out. Whether you are new or just starting your journey with essential oils, or you have been using them for years, essential oil ebooks are ready available and in many cases you can download them for free or for less than $5 on Amazon. I wrote about my 10 favorite essential oil books in this post and most if not all of these essential oil books are available in ebook format as well. However, here is my list of my 10 favorite essential oil ebooks which are not available in print. These are ebook format only.

1. Lavender: The Lavender Miracle! Discover Mind Blowing Benefits Of Using And Growing Lavender For Ultimate Health, Beauty, And Relaxation (Lavender – Herbal … – Natural Cures – Herbs – Herbal Medicine). I’ve heard many people say and I tend to agree with them that if you could only have one essential oil then you would want that essential oil to be either Frankincense or Lavender. In fact, I’ve heard frankincense referred to as the king of essential oils and lavender as the queen. That said, this ebook “The Lavender Miracle” talks all about lavender essential oil including things like the history of lavender as an essential oil and all about the various ways lavender can be used.

2. MAD Oilers Guide to Essential Oils and Drug Interactions: Over 700 Prescription and Over the Counter Medication Interactions
This is a must read for anyone who is taking drugs and is also using essential oils. While the interactions that drugs have with essential oils are minor in most cases, it is still important that you understand that using essential oils and drugs at the same time will at minimum change how the essential oils react in your body. This book written by a nurse who also is an expert in essential oils will help you understand what you need to know if you are using essential oils and taking drugs.

3. Restore Your Health with Essential Oils: Discover the Power of Plants and Experience Lifelong Wellness This is a great overall reference guide for understanding how to use essential oils everyday and for lifelong health and wellness.

4. Essential Oils for Dogs: The Complete Guide to Safe and Simple Ways to Use Essential Oils for a Happier, Relaxed and Healthier Dog – Includes 22 Essential … Natural dog remedies, Holistic medicine) Essential oils for your dog? Yes, it’s possible and in fact your dog will love them and benefit from them too. However, you can’t just use any essential oil you want with your dog and you do have to use extra caution. This guide can help you understand how to use essential oils with dogs safely and effectively.

5. 600 Aromatherapy Recipes for Beauty, Health & Home Do you want to use essential oils for aromatherapy and create and use your own blends? Then this essential oil ebook will show you how to do just that.

6. The Big Book Of Essential Oil Recipes For Healing & Health: Over 200 Aromatherapy Remedies For Common Ailments
Another book full of recipes on how to use essential oils for various aspects of your health and wellness. Learn how to use essential oils for everyday living.

7. The Big Book Of Essential Oil Recipes For Beauty: Over 200 Homemade Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes For All-Round Natural Body Care
Did you know that you can also use essential oils for beauty? Yes you can. This ebook will show you how to use essential oils for your skin, hair, nails and other aspects of beatifying your body.

8. The Lazy Girl Guide to Essential Oils (The Lazy Girl Guides) Do you want to start using essential oils but you are lazy? This simple to use guide will help even the laziest gal (or guy) get started with using essential oils.

9. Essential Oil For Your Kids: Parent?s Guide to Using Essential Oils for Children You’ve heard that you can use essential oils with kids right? How do you use essential oils with kids safely and effectively? This essential oil ebook will help you do just that with recipes and essential oil blends created specifically for kids.

10. Essential Oils for Confidence and Self-Esteem: Develop Confidence and Self-Esteem to Boost Your Quality of Life Using Natural Essential Oils
Essential oils can help with your emotional wellness as well as your physical wellness. Learn how essential oils can help boost your confidence and self-esteem with this great essential oil ebook.

Have you read any of these essential oil ebooks? If so, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

10 Reasons Not to Use Essential Oils

While I offer more than a hundred reasons to use essential oils on this blog, there are reasons not to use essential oils. Here are ten of them:

1. If you don’t want maximum health and wellness. This may seem crazy but seriously if you don’t want to be healthy and happy all the time then don’t use essential oils.

2. If you are already using a lot of homeopathy. While I’m not a homeopathy expert, I have heard that some forms of homeopathy can cancel out essential oils, so it’s best to use one or the other.

3. You have allergies to essential oils. That said, if the essential oils you use are truly pure and therapeutic grade, you cannot be allergic to every essential oil. I run into people from time to time who think they are but this is actually imposisble. Yes you can be allergic to some but you can’t be allergic to all. For example, I am allergic to thyme, basil and oregano.

4. You are taking a lot of pharaceutical drugs. While most essential oils especially those that are pure have limited reactions, if you are on drugs, it’s always best to double check with a health care provider who understands essential oils.

5. If you are working or going somewhere where you cannot have a strong smell on your body. This can be a problem with some essential oils.

6. If you have a chronic illness and have not consulted a doctor first.

7. If you are using essential oils as a coverup or an excuse to eat unhealthy and to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Essential oils enhance a healthy lifestyle but they won’t makeup for eating whatever you want, whenever you want or for a lack of healthy habits.

8. If you are pregnant. That said, yes you can still use some essential oils while pregant but certain ones should not be used. For example wintergreen and rosemary. For advice with essential oils and pregancy check out a book about it or seek out advice from someone with expertise in this area. This book is a great one. Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

9. If you are going to use cheap low quality essential oils. These in many cases will harm you more than help you. Not all essential oils are created equal and you do need to be careful that the ones you use are a therapeutic grade and pure. If the oils are too cheap, then they are not going to be good quality.

10. If you aren’t willing to take the time to learn about how to use essential oils properly. Yes you do have to educate yourself about essential oils and their uses.

If you’re curious to know my personal essential oil techniques that have already helped thousands of people improve their health click here to learn more.