How Food Impacts Mental Wellness

Has it ever occurred to you that your mental wellness is impacted by the food you eat? While it makes sense if you really think about it, too often people don’t think about the impact of food and mental wellness. One simple way to think about it, is to think about how you feel after eating a something with a lot of sugar and processed white flour. Do you feel good? Do you feel like your memory and brain power is increased after eating junk food? Most people will say no and in fact, brain fog after eating is one of the symptoms that the food you have eaten isn’t good for your mental wellness.

Watch my interview below with Dee Doanes where we chat in detail about food, nutrition and supplements and the impact they have on your mental wellness.

Want to improve your memory? Watch the food you eat.

Feeling sluggish and tired all the time. What are you eating?

and so on and so on.

Emotional Wellness with Find Your Mood App

How is your emotional wellness? In my opinion and from my experiences emotional wellness is one of the less talked about aspects of health and wellness. However, it is actually just as important if not more important than physical health and wellness. What if there was a simple and easy to use way to mange your emotional wellness by figuring out which essential oils can help support and improve many of the common negative emotions? Well know there is. With the Doterra daily drop app for iPhone, ipad, and android devices. You can download this emotional wellness app for free and start using it today.

Watch the video below to learn more about how this app and the emotional wellness essential oil blends from Doterra can help you improve your emotional wellness. Learn how to manage your negative emotions and become a happier and more productive person.

Downlaod daily drop for the iphone

Download the daily drop for android

Warning: This information does not take the place of advice from Doctors or therapists for people with severe depression and other medical disorders.