10 Reasons Doterra is Not Like any Other MLM Company

Are you curious why the Doterra MLM company is different from other MLM’s? Here are 10 reasons why. Watch the video below to learn even more.

1. They don’t give out cars.

2. They offer buy one get one free on a variety of products 3-4 times per year.

3.They give us lots of free products for being on autoship.

4. They are committed to not only changing the lives of people in the United States by also helping the poorest of the poor throughout the entire world. They do this by specifically seeking out third world countries where the plants that produce high quality essential oils grow naturally and helping their citizens to earn a living producing essential oils. In addition they also have a non-profit- the healing hands foundation that helps these people with schools, education, hospitals, medical clinic and more.

5. The Free to Give program- This program encourages you to get out of debt and stay out of debt through a systematic debt elimination system and budgeting system.

6. There is no hype at company conventions. We don’t see paychecks, people talking about how much money they have made and other promises. Instead the focus is on changing lives.

7. They work together with medical professionals, hospitals and Western Medicine. Most other health and wellness MLMS, ignore these people at best and in some cases, try to belittle them. Doterra works on integrating with traditional medicine and on research projects with Western Medicine professionals and facilities.

8. Most health and wellness companies focus only on one aspect of health. Doterra focuses on all areas of health including emotional health.

9. Doterra offers wholesale memberships with the same discounts on products and customer perks to people who don’t want to be business builders. This allows customers to benefit from our products without having to sign up for a business account.

10. Doterra pays more on your 6th level than on your 1st level. Most companies are the opposite of this. This allows you to over time earn more money since most people eventually have higher numbers of people on their 6th level than they do on their first.

Curious to learn more about Doterra? Want to consider joining my team. Click this link to apply.

How to Sign Up for a Doterra Wholesale Membership

So you’ve decided you want to sign up for a Doterra wholesale membership and start benefiting from using essential oils and other wellness products at a discount and even having the opportunity to get some of your products for free. I’m so excited for you. Choosing to join Doterra was one of the best decisions of my life.

Many people get confused about their options when it comes to joining Doterra.

A few of the misconceptions I hear include things like:

I only want to order a few times a year so I don’t think having a wholesale account will help me since I won’t be ordering every month. The reality is that you only have to order at least once a year in order to be a Doterra wholesale member. However, you will get points for free products and enjoy other benefits by ordering monthly but you don’t have to.

I don’t want to spend $200 or more buying an enrollment kit. Actually, you don’t have to do this either. You can pay a $35 enrollment fee and then pick and chose whatever products you want.

I don’t want to sell Doterra, I just want to use the products. Perfect, we have wholesale membership options for both people who want to use and those who want to use and sell.

Here are the steps to enroll with a Doterra wholesale membership:

1. Go to my website.

2. Click on join and save. Then chose your wholesale membership option. If you aren’t interested in selling and making money, then chose wholesale customer.

3. Complete your personal information.

4. Chose your first order- this is where you decide if you want an enrollment kit or if you want to pay $35 and then pick and chose what products you order. If you aren’t sure, contact me and we can talk about your options before you join. Note: the $35 membership only includes training and stickers, no products. If you chose that option, then you must also decide which products to order.

5. Then set up your next autoship order, if you want. If you aren’t sure about autoship, you can wait and do it later.

That’s it. You are now a wholesale member of Doterra. Watch for an email from me, welcoming you. I’ll also be calling you to set up a time for your membership overview.