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Allergy-Proofing Your House? 8 Things You Should Do Today To Prevent Common Household Allergies

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Are you struggling with allergies and yet you know that its not only the outdoor pollutants that are causing your allergies? Do you need help allergy proofing your house? Here are 8 things you should do today to prevent common household allergies.

1. Do you have pets? If so, you need to take a serious look at whether or not your pets are causing or making your indoor allergies worse. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your pets are not sleeping in your bedroom. You also need to take a look at how much pet hair is on the floors, inside furniture etc. You don’t necessarily need to get rid of your pets, but you do need to take a look at what is going on with your pets.

2. What are you using for cleaning supplies? Most cleaning supplies are very toxic and can make indoor allergies as well as asthma worse. I highly recommend getting rid of all of your cleaning chemicals and replacing them with essential oils, castille soap and vinegar. You can actually even clean more effectively with these natural cleaners.

3. Consider purchasing allergy free bedding and or covers for your current bedding. This can help with dander, feathers, and other pollutants on furniture that can increase allergies.

4. Evaluate anything that you are using for smells in your home. This includes candles, scented plug ins, air fresheners and anything else scented. Chances are that these things are making your indoor allergies worse. They are nearly all full of chemicals and so you need to stop using them.

5. Have you replaced your carpet within the last 15 years? If not, you may want to consider doing it. Old carpet can have allergens and pollutants in it.

6. Get an essential oil diffuser and use it. This can help to kill bacteria and viruses in the air that may be worsening your indoor allergies and the essential oils can help with allergies as well.

7. Consider purchasing an air purifier. This is a machine that helps clear and clean the air indoors.

8. Consider using a humidifier at night. This can help you breathe and sleep better.

What other tips do you have for reducing indoor allergens?

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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Taking a Drug for Allergies

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Have you considered taking an allergy drug? Or maybe you’ve already taken one or more? Or maybe you are taking allergy drugs now. While allergy drugs can provide relief for people, in many cases they are not necessary and can in fact, make your allergies worse. Personally I’ve tried every allergy drug on the market both prescription and over the counter and never got the kind of relief I was looking for. In fact, I am convinced that taking allergy drugs actually increased some of my health issues and it took me years to get to the root cause of my health issues whereas I could have found the cause and gotten real healing faster without them.

So what are five questions that you should ask before taking a drug for allergies to determine if in fact, you do need one. (Note: I am not saying that no one ever needs a drug for allergies.)

1. Do you really have hay fever or seasonal allergies? And Is this your only problem? Personally, while I did have hay fever and seasonal allergies, I also had several other issues including candida, leaky gut, and food intolerances which where in fact, the root cause of these. So on to question number 2.

2. Do you have candida or leaky gut? If so, no allergy drug will fix this. In fact, no drug will fix it period. You have to heal from candida or leaky gut by primarily changing your diet. Although taking a probiotic and fish oil supplement can also help.

3. Do you have any food allergies, or food intolerances? Even if you think you don’t chances are good that you do. I’ve heard a statistic that up to 70% of the U.S. population has at least one food intolerance or allergy. If so, taking an allergy drug will do nothing to solve this problem.

4. Do you have an auto-immune condition? What many people do not realize is that many allergies are caused by or made worse by auto-immune conditions. If so, you need to get help for your auto-immune condition first before your allergies will clear up.

5. Are there any home allergy remedies you can use instead? Personally I’ve had really good success with essential oils for allergies as well as local honey.

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What is a Macrobiotic Diet and How Can It Help Allergies?

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Have you heard of the macrobiotic diet? Neither had I until I came across it as a part of my training to become a certified health coach with IIN and then ironically was assigned to do a product demo in whole foods on the MACROBARS Organic Variety Pack of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Granola with Coconut, and Cherries and Berries, 1.8 oz- 2.5 oz Bars (Pack of 15) and these bars were created as a snack and meal for people who are on the macrobiotic diet. So exactly is it and how can it help your allergies?

1. It’s a diet based almost exclusively on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds which small amounts of whole grains such as brown rice, however, gluten and soy are not allowed. Small amounts of chicken and fish are allowed if you feel like you need it, however, it is recommended to be vegan if possible.

2. Another way of viewing it is that is is almost the complete opposite of the raw vegan diet, in fact, the macrobiotic diet when followed strictly does not include any raw food including salads.

3. You cannot eat potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, egg plant and any other nightshade vegetables.

4. Many people have hidden food intolerances and this diet by default eliminates the ones that most people struggle with.

5. The macrobiotic diet is based on fruits and vegetables and doing a cleanse of sorts by eating very clean for a time period can help with a lot of allergies and allergic reactions.

Here is a video that also explains in more details the macrobiotic diet.

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