How to Survive Your First 30 Days on a Gluten Free Diet

gluten free diet

Do you have to start a gluten free diet? Or maybe you’ve already started a gluten free diet but are about to go crazy.  The first 30 days on a gluten free diet can be challenging but it is possible to do it without going nuts. Here are my seven steps to surviving your first 30 days on a gluten free diet. 

  1. Know your why, and make it a strong one
  2. Know that it will be hard at first but you can do it.
  3. Inform anyone you live with what you are doing and why as well as anyone you spend a lot of time with
  4. Research menus at restaurants you go to often and figure out if you can still eat there and what you will eat when you are there.
  5. Create a gluten-free meal plan
  6. Do some research as to what the best gluten-free foods are and how to prepare them.
  7. Find an accountability partner. Ideally, someone who is already gluten-free and who has been for at least a few months.

Watch my video below to learn more. 

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