Questions and Answers about Living Gluten Free

Living gluten free can be challenging at times and it can also be confusing. Here are some of the questions people ask the most about living gluten free and my answers.

1. Does living gluten free mean that I just need to avoid wheat?

Actually living gluten free is much more than that. Wheat is one of the main grains that has gluten in it, but gluten is also in barley and some other grains as well as in some cosmetics and other places where you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find it.

2. Who can benefit from living gluten free?

Most people can gain some benefit from it, although it’s not wise to just start living gluten free for no reason. If your body can handle wheat and gluten then you should probably still eat some in moderation.

3. Why should anyone consider living gluten free?

First, some people are what is called celliacs and they have to or they could die young or suffer serious health consequences. Second, it can help people with allergies as many have allergies and or intolerances to wheat and gluten. (This is me.) Third, it can help people lose weight if they are struggling with this.

4. Is it hard to live gluten free?

It can be. It depends on your habits and tastes. If you love bread then you will need to buy gluten free bread or learn to make it and it costs more than regular bread and is not as readily available. However, if you can learn to live without bread, cookies, pastries etc, then you will adjust easier.

5. Do you need to live gluten free forever?

It depends on the person. Some people can benefit by living gluten free for a few months or even a year and then they can have some gluten from time to time after that.

6. Will living gluten free solve all of my health problems?

no. In most cases you will still need supplements, essential oils, and other changes to your diet or lifestyle in order to really have the best health you can have.

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