Why a Low Gluten Diet Doesn’t Work

If you have a gluten sensitvity or a gluten intolerance, can you eat a low gluten diet rather than giving up gluten completely? This is a frequently asked question and while it would be convienent, to be able to follow a low gluten diet, it won’t work if you want to have true healing.

Gluten even in a small amount can damage your intestines and stomach and give you leaky gut and it doesn’t take you eating gluten every day in order for it to happen. Further more, once you eat any gluten even through cross contamination, it takes your body about 4 days to get rid of it. So you can’t be eating gluten even once a week and still allow your body to heal from the damage that gluten is causing you.

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A low gluten diet doesn’t work for many of the same reasons that someone who is allergic to peanuts or milk, can’t have even a small amount without severe health consequences. Furthermore, there is no way to really determine if you are eating a low gluten diet or not. What exactly does a low gluten diet mean? It can be different things to different people. So while eating a low gluten diet may seem more appealing, than being 100% gluten free, it’s a very bad idea unless you really don’t have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance and are just trying to be healthier. Then it’s okay because you really have no valid reason to be gluten free, but if you really need to be gluten free, then you must do it 100%.

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