How to Live with a Dairy Allergy Without Being Miserable

dairy allergy

Having a dairy allergy can be a real pain. It can seem like everything you like or want to eat has milk in it in some form. So what can you do if you have a dairy allergy that will make it so that you can still enjoy good food? I thought for a few years that I had a dairy allergy but have since realized that I actually have gluten intolerance instead. That said, for about three years I didn’t eat or drink any dairy and so I do know quite a bit about how to live without it.

Here are some tips for you: (please note that some of these tips may not work for you if you are also allergic to soy or other ingredients)

1. Use almond or rice milk in place of regular milk. You can not only drink it, but you can make shakes with it, use it in cooking and pretty much in any place of regular milk. You can also use soy milk but I personally recommend that you avoid it because of some of the side effects that too much soy has for many people.

2. Use soy cheese in place of regular cheese. This is cheese made from soy milk. It tastes quite good.

3. Learn how to cook with spices, oils, herbs, and other sauces that are dairy free. Examples include: olive oil, soy sauce, and other similar things. You can use these to flavor your food without dairy and they taste quite good and are lower fat which is always a plus.

4. Experiment with tofu, and other vegetable based products that are often used in place of cheese or butter.

5. Enjoy sorbet and other non-dairy deserts in place of ice cream. There are quite a few of them available today.

Thoughts? Other ideas?

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  1. All very good ideas. I would just caution the use of soy sauce because most of them contain wheat. Great for those allergic to milk but careful if you are allergic to wheat or cannot tolerate gluten.

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