How to Earn Money and Rewards with Survey Apps

rewards and survey apps

Unless you haven’t been online very much you have probably heard about the idea that you can take surveys and earn money and rewards. In the past few years there have been a rise of new rewards and survey apps that have made this even more popular. However, what does it really take to earn money with rewards and survey apps? Keep reading and I’m going to give you the scoop on my experiences with making money and rewards with survey apps. I’m also going to tell you the dos and don’ts of how to make taking surveys worth your time.


Sign up for and focus on 2-3 different survey sites or apps at once. Signing up for every survey website or app you can will just fill your inbox and consume all your time. It’s better to work with 2-3 at once.

Research to find the best ones for you. Not all survey apps pay the same and have a wide variety of surveys available. Some pay better than others and some have a lot of rewards and gift cards you can earn as well. Some also cater more towards different kinds of surveys, whereas others have a wide variety of surveys so you will be able to earn money and rewards no matter what your qualifications are.

Commit to spending some time each day completing surveys and doing other actions to earn you money and rewards. Decide how much time you have and set a timer in order to avoid wasting time. For most people about an hour is a good amount of time.

Subscribe to email notifications and in some cases text notifications if offered.


Join every survey app or website available.

Spend all day doing surveys.

Ignore the option to get rewards by referring others. With some survey apps, this can be one of the best ways to earn rewards and money fast.

So what are some of my favorite survey apps?

My hands down favorite is Swagbucks.

You’ve probably heard of this one already but if you haven’t you really should join this one today. It’s my favorite and the favorite of lots of other people for a lot of reasons. Most survey apps really only offer surveys but Swagbucks is different. Not only do they offer surveys but you can also get points for money and rewards by referring others, watching promotional videos, completing free trials, online shopping, answering questions and trivia games. They not only have a regular app but they also have an app called Swag IQ where you can play trivia games that happen 2-3 times per day and win points for answering trivia questions. Of all the survey apps I’ve used, and I’ve tried a lot of them, Swagbucks offers the biggest variety and options for prizes and money and is the easiest one to use.

In addition here are a few others I’ve used and found to be worth by time and efforts:

Survey Mini- this is an app only that you download. They then send you an average of 2 surveys per week based on places you have visited. They surveys are short and sweet- usually only a few questions and you can earn points for rewards fairly quickly.

Receipt Hog- This one is a bit different but still effective. You scan in all receipts from any purchases you make and earn points and are offered surveys based on your purchases.

Userbrain- This app sends you surveys about the usability of websites and you earn points for cash and rewards by evaluating websites.

There are literally hundreds available. These are just my favorites and the ones I’ve found to pay the most for the least amount of time and effort.

Questions? Comments? Share your favorite survey apps in the comments below.

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