How Essential Oils in a Neti Pot Can Help Allergies

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Have you used a neti pot to help with your allergies? If not, you should try one. While some people will say that they are not a good idea and yes there are stories of people having severe reactions and even dying from them as long as you keep yours clean and free from bacteria, neti pots are still a good idea. That said essential oils in a neti pot can help to keep them free from bacteria and viruses. However, there are additional reasons to use a neti pot with essential oils to help you with your allergies.

1. Essential oils are from my own experience the number one way to manage and control allergies naturally. While you can put them directly under your sinuses and on your skin, using them in a neti pot can help to get them into your sinuses in a way not possible without one.

2. Many people use a saline solution with a high concentration of salt inside their neti pot and while this can work, from my experience it can also cause a lot of irritation and even ear aches for a few hours afterwards. Using a few drops of peppermint, eucalyptus or lavender essential oil instead avoids these problems.

3. Using essential oils in a neti pot can help with a sinus infection which can happen as a result of severe allergies. The combination of water and the oils gets into your sinuses and allows fast healing to occur.

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