Winter Wellness Made Simple

Do you struggle with winter wellness? Do you feel like you just feel off all winter? Or maybe you are looking for ways to avoid spending your Christmas vacation in bed with the flu or other nasty colds or winter illness?

Watch my facebook live below to learn about how you can make winter wellness simple. Get tips on how to stay healthy all winter long and what to do if you do get sick to recover faster. Winter wellness really can be a reality and it can be easier than you think.

Wellness Discovery Session

Essential Oils

Spray Vitamins

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Comments? Questions? Did you learn something? I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts with me.

The Real Reason Why the United States Health Care System is Broken

Unless you are living in a cave you no doubt know that the United States Health Care system is broken. However, in my opinion the problems with the US healthcare system go way beyond Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act and health insurance issues.

What are the real problems with the United States health care system? Why is it really such a mess?

Watch the video below and learn more.

50 Shades of Wellness


I know I couldn’t resist writing this post as a play on words from the book and movie 50 Shades of Grey. Personally I think the whole thing is disgusting and I’ve never read the book and never will and I won’t ever watch the movie either. That said, here is a list of what I am calling 50 Shades of Wellness. That is to say 50 things you must do or not do to really live a wellness lifestyle.

1. You must exercise and move your body at least 10 minutes every day and 20-30 minutes at least 2 times per week.
2. You must not drink soda on a regular basis. Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and all the rest. If you drink a little occasionally as in no more than once every 6 months or so, you are fine but these must not be a regular part of your diet.
3. You must find the “diet” or healthy eating lifestyle as I prefer to call it, that works for you and stick with it. Yo-Yo dieting is horrible for your health.
4. You must maintain a healthy weight for your body type without obsessing over the scale.
5. You must take a daily supplement. The food we eat today simply isn’t enough no matter how healthy you are.
6. You must limit your sugar intake. Too much sugar = a body that is acidic and increases your changes of cancer and other illnesses.
7. You must do whatever you can to avoid drugs. This isn’t always possible but to the extend that you can you must avoid them.
8. You must learn about and use essential oils on a regular basis. Some people might disagree with this but from my experience I have to say that everyone needs them.
9. You must get at least 7 hours of sleep per night on a regular basis. If this is not happening, you need to figure out why and get help. If you want to talk with me about it, I can help you as well.
10. You must drink lots of water. Ideally at least 8 8oz. glasses per day.
11. You must eat real food. Yes its okay to eat processed food from time to time but it must not be a major part of your diet.
12. You must eat mostly food that you cook at home rather than eating out all the time.
13. You must learn how to limit stress in you life.
14. Every once in a while you need to relax and read a good uplifting book.
15. Instead of immediately thinking pills or surgery when you have an injury try chiropractic instead.
16. You should limit and if possible completely stop taking over the counter pain pills and if you cannot then you need to ask yourself why you are so dependent on them and look into fixing the root cause.
17. Get a massage as often as you can.
18. Give and get hugs.
19. Take a probiotic or eat probiotic foods daily. We all need to balance the good and bad bacteria in our stomachs and probiotics can help with this.
20. Take a nap every once in a while.
21. Listen to uplifting music.
22. Limit the chemicals you use in skin care, hair care and other products.
23. Take the time to take care of yourself.
24. Enjoy some chocolate every once in awhile.
25. Learn about juicing and enjoy some fresh juice often.
26. Learn about and use vitamin C and garlic regularly.
27. Try yoga.
28. Try acupuncture.
29. Take a few minutes to meditate.
30. Cry if you need to.
31. Set goals and do your best to achieve them.
32. Get and give love.
33. Hire a health coach to help you. I’m available for hire.
34. Use mobile apps to track your movement. Moves is a really good one.
35. Keep a food journal to help yourself be accountable about what you are really eating and how much.
36. Enjoy a good bowl of chicken soup.
37. Eat at least 4 servings of vegetables per day.
38. Eat fruit for dessert instead of cake.
39. Take a bath with bubbles.
40. Blow bubbles.
41. Play with a puppy.
42. Play with a small child or play with a baby.
43. Get outside and enjoy nature.
44. Try something new.
45. Get your bone density checked and take a calcium supplement if you need it.
46. Smile.
47. Laugh.
48. Garden.
49. Visit a farmers market.
50. Visit a farm and get some of your food from there if you can.

What did I miss? Share below in the comments.