Chia Seeds Cheat Sheet: How to Survive and Thrive on the World’s Most Powerful Seed


Chia Seeds – How To Survive & Thrive On The World’s Most Powerful Seed

How I Released 70 pounds of weight and regained my health


Two and a half years ago I was nearly 100 pounds overweight, I had random rashes all over my skin, I had allergies that were out of control, dizzy spells, digestive issues, and I was tired all the time. Listen in to learn how I released 70 pounds of my weight and regained my health.

7 Lies of the Gluten Free Lifestyle


Have you heard any of these lies of the gluten free lifestyle? Listen in as I talk about 7 common lies of the gluten free lifestyle and why living gluten free is easier than many people think and why it really is important for more people than just those with celiac disease.