Winter Wellness Made Simple

Do you struggle with winter wellness? Do you feel like you just feel off all winter? Or maybe you are looking for ways to avoid spending your Christmas vacation in bed with the flu or other nasty colds or winter illness?

Watch my facebook live below to learn about how you can make winter wellness simple. Get tips on how to stay healthy all winter long and what to do if you do get sick to recover faster. Winter wellness really can be a reality and it can be easier than you think.

Wellness Discovery Session

Essential Oils

Spray Vitamins

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Comments? Questions? Did you learn something? I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts with me.

10 Hilarious Health Images That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Have you ever seen any funny health images that make you laugh out loud? I know I sure have. In fact, I decided to take a break from the serious posts that I usually post on this blog and share 10 of the best with you. So here they are:

1. junkfood

This one is funny because let’s admit it, you’ve done this right?

2. what-do-you-mean-when-you-say-that-re-organizing-my-essential-oils-does-not-count-as-a-business-activity-nor-is-it-housework-aa465

This is especially funny for those of us in the essential oils business.

3. glutenfreewheat

This one is especially funny but sad at the same time for those of us who really do have to eat gluten free.

4. juicingdoritos

lol. This is probably my favorite.

5. juicingreesescup

Yes really.

6. yogalady

Yep, You got to love those super foods.

7. healthyeating

Yep, I know people like that.

8. pinterest

Yes. I think we’ve all done that or something similar at one point or another.

9. tofu

Yep. I know people like that too. If only they knew what they are missing.

10. tomorrowhealthyeating

Oh yes.

Which one is your favorite? Share below in the comments.

How to Manage and Avoid Giving Into Cravings


What do you think when you see the picture above of the chocolates? Do you have immediate urge to eat them all right now? Do you struggle with managing and controlling cravings? If so, you need to work on fixing this. One key to managing allergies, asthma and other illnesses without drugs is the way you eat and if you can’t control your cravings and you give in and eat whatever you want and whenever you want it, then you are going to struggle. I know it can be hard, when I first got my ALCAT food sensitivities and allergies test results, I had to go off of 60 foods for 4 months and then I had 20 more I could only eat every 4 days. Even now I have to be very careful and I have to rotate all foods and never eat them more than once every 4 days and if I have a reaction to something then I have to wait 6 weeks. While this does take some getting used to, the long term results and having optimum health is worth it.

So what can you do to manage and control your cravings and stick to a healthy food lifestyle?

1. Find an accountability partner. Make sure this person has similar goals and will support you in the way that you need.

2. Get acupuncture treatments. Yes really. Acupuncture has been proven to help with cravings.

3. Use pictures and images both on a poster board and in your mind to imagine how much healthier you will be if you avoid the foods that you know you should not eat.

4. Realize that it can take time. The first week of not eating something can be the hardest.

5. Avoid buying those foods. If they aren’t in your house, you won’t eat them. Yes it really is that simple.

6. Avoid being around people who are eating those foods as much as possible.

7. Realize that managing and controlling food cravings requires many of the same steps as quitting smoking or other addictions.

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