Why Hire a Family Health Coach?

family health coach

Have you considered hiring a family health coach? If you are like most families, this is a new concept and you may have considered hiring a health coach for your child or for you, but maybe not a family health coach. However, if you have one or more children who struggles with allergies, food allergies and or sensitivities, autism and or other challenges, then hiring a family coach may be just the solution to helping your child and the entire family thrive and be happier and experience less stress.

Here are five reasons why it makes sense to hire a family health coach.

1. Get help improving eating habits of the entire family. While you have only have 1 or 2 members of your family who have to improve their eating habits in order to either thrive or in some cases even survive, a family health coach can help your entire family to improve their eating habits. This can be very helpful and make it easier for the 1 or 2 family members who have to change their diet, and it can help with the overall health of everyone in the family.

2. Get healthy together. This is important so that the entire family can get heathy and you can avoid having additional problems with other members of the family later. It can also create a bonding experience for the other children with the sibling who needs help.

3. Take the presure of of you as the parents. Too often when a parent begins working with a child on a special diet, one of the biggest challenges can be getting the child to comply. When the child thinks that it’s only the parent trying to get him or her to follow a special diet, then it can create more pressure and hassles. Whereas if a family health coach steps in and starts working with the child, then the coach is seen by the child as having more authority and being more credible.

4. Save time and money. While yes you will invest some time and money into a family health coach, over the long term you will also save time and money on grocery shopping, cooking, dealing with meltdowns at the dinner table and more. A family health coach will help you accomplish what you need to with your child and the entire family and will save you time running around the grocery store and not knowing what to buy as well as give you tips on how to save money cooking meals for a special diet. In addition, you will probably avoid some medical bills by exercising prevention and preventing some serious health issues before they occur.

5. Support your child with special needs without going crazy. If you try and do everything you need to do when it comes to diet and lifestyle for your child, you will go nuts. I talk to parents all the time who try to do it alone and their is so much to do and so much to learn that having a family health coach will help you a lot and help keep you sane.

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How Working with a Health Coach Can Change Your Life

Have you ever considered working with a health coach? If not, you really should. In this video blog post, I share with you some reasons why working with a health coach is a good idea. I also talk about how working with me as your health coach can change your life and what to expect by working with a health coach.

Benefits of Hiring an IIN Health Coach

7 Benefits of Health Coaching for Gluten Free

gluten free health coach

Are you starting your gluten free journey? Or maybe you have been gluten free for awhile but are still struggling? In either case, you may want to consider hiring a health coach to help. When I first started going gluten free, I didn’t have anyone to help me and it was much harder than I believe it could have been, if I had had help. See this postHow I finally gave up gluten and you can too.

So what benefits can you gain from gluten free health coaching? While there may be additional benefits, here are the top seven benefits I see from gluten free health coaching.

1. You will be able to successfully implement a 100% gluten free lifestyle much quicker. Going gluten free is a lot more difficult than many people think and it helps to have help in making it happen.

2. Support and encouragement. Going gluten free is not only tough because of everything you have to do and learn, but it is also hard emotionally and mentally for many people. In fact, I believe this is the number one reason that people who get a diagnosis such as celiac disease or another health issue where going gluten free is either required or strongly recommended do not actually do it. They lack the support and encouragement needed to make it happen.

3. Save time. Implementing a gluten free lifestyle can take a lot of time and hiring a health coach to help you can save you time by helping you learn things that you overawes would have to spend your own time doing.

4. Save money. Not all gluten free products and services are created equal. Some are a big waste of money and a coach and help you with this. A gluten free health coach, can also help you save money by educating you about how to grocery shop and cook while on a gluten free lifestyle. Just because you knew how to do this before you starting being gluten free, doesn’t mean you know how to do it now.

5. Avoid getting glutened. This is a big problem with many people and it’s even a bigger deal when they first start this lifestyle. Having a coach can help you avoid this and reduce the number of times you get glutened.

6. A gluten free health coach can assist you in improving other areas of your health and wellness, such as choosing the right supplements and probiotics and in creating a balanced diet that is gluten free but is also healthy.

7. Need meal plans done for you? Or maybe even gluten free meals cooked for you. Some health coaches can help you with this as well.

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Already know that you need help but you don’t want to hire a one on one health coach just yet? Check out my 30 Days to Gluten Free Success E-course. It’s educational, and simple and it’s only $17.

What do you think 6 months of health coaching is worth?

health coaching

Have you ever hired a health coach? If not, what do you think 6 months of health coaching is worth? Health coaching is a relatively new concept and one that many people are still just learning about. I wrote about 10 Reasons to Hire a Health Coach in this post and I would like to expand on that by asking you to think about the real value of 6 months of health coaching.

Here are some concepts to think about:

1. The actual cost of hiring a health coach depends on who you hire. For me personally I’m still building my practice and so I charge between $150-$250 per month and on an hourly basis it costs about the same as a massage, acupuncture, chiropractic or spa treatment. For more experienced health coaches and those who specialize in some higher level things you can expect to pay up to $400 per month. So for 6 months you will be paying between $900-$2,400, however this is only the cost in money. There are many more things to think about in terms of what it is worth for you to hire a health coach.

2. We live in the information age. There is virtually an unlimited amount of information about how to make improvements to your health available. However, how much of that information have you actually put into practice? If you are like the average person probably very little. Hiring a health coach for 6 months can help you actually put that information to use and hold you accountable to help you reach your health goals.

3. Do you want to eat healthier and know that you should? Do you need to give up gluten? Dairy? Or another food or maybe foods and yet you’ve tried and haven’t succeeded or you are spending too much time and money trying? I specialize in this and hiring me for 6 months as your health coach can help you actually do this. I’ve found that most people save money by hiring a health coach because even though you have to pay me, you will save money on food, gas, eating out, medical expenses and more.

4. How often do you go to the doctors’ now? If you are like most people it is more frequently than you would like. People who invest in 6 months of health coaching go to the doctors a lot less frequently. Here is an article that explains how that is possible. Health coaches help patients battle chronic illness

5. Have you ever bought a membership to a gym and then not used it? If you are like more than half of adults, you’ve probably done this at least once. The average gym membership costs about $50 a month and if you hire a personal trainer it’s going to cost even more and you may not may not even use it. The only way to waste money on health coaching is to not show up for your appointments.

6. How much money are you spending on supplements, herbs, essential oils, drugs both prescription and over the counter? If it’s more than $50 per month then health coaching can help you reduce these costs by improving your health and helping you to figure out where you may be using these things unnecessarily and in the case of prescription drugs you can notify your doctor about what you are doing and in most cases you may be able to use less.

7. How much would it cost you to have one major illness or surgery? Even if you have very good health insurance it will probably be at least $2,000. What if health coaching helped you avoid this cost? Furthermore, consider the time saved and the pain avoided?

Hopefully after reading this post you are starting to understand the value that 6 months of health coaching can provide to you and your current and future health and wellness. Want to chat for free to see how I can help you?

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10 Tips to Guarantee You Will Reach Your Health Goals in 2015


Have you set any health goals for 2015? Unless your health is perfect, you are your ideal weight, and you are never sick, then I surely hope so. And if you are reading this, then chances are very good that your health is not perfect and you could use some improvements.

So… How can you guarantee you will reach your health goals in 2015? Most people set their health goals and then give up by the end of February or even sooner. I know because this used to be me. I would set my health goals each January and say that I was going to release a certain number of pounds or that I would stop eating gluten, or that I would eat less sugar and on and on, but… Did it ever happen for me? No. It didn’t. Then in 2013 that changed. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and I decided I’d had enough. So for the past 2 years I’ve set my health goals and I’ve achieved them.

I want you to be able to do the same thing. So without any further delay, here are my ten tips to guarantee you will reach your health goals in 2015.

1. Be committed. Are you committed and I mean really committed to changing your health and reaching your health goals? Too many people say they are committed with their mouths but in reality they really are not. This is a must or your health goals will simply not happen. Period. End of story.

2. Make your health goals realistic. For example if you are currently 100 lbs overweight, then saying that you will release them all in 2015 is not a realistic goal for most people. A more realistic goal would be to release 50 lbs this year. Yes you might release more, but 50 lbs would be a great start. Another example is that if you are currently struggling with a sugar addiction, then saying that you will completely stop consuming sugar during 2015 is not realistic. Furthermore sugar is added to so many non treat foods that completely eliminating sugar is very hard. I know because I’ve tried and while I eat very little sugar, I can’t say that I never eat it.

3. Set your health goals based on what you want to achieve. Too many of us set health goals based on what our friends, family, doctors, and other people want. This will only make it harder and decrease the odds of you actually achieving them.

4. Get help. This may include hiring a health coach like me, or joining an accountability or master mind group. Schedule a time with me for a free wellness discovery session and we can explore how I can help you make sure your health goals in 2015 become a reality.

5. Make a list of what your failure to reach your health goals is costing you. This can be financially, mentally or physically. Very often this can give you a much needed reality check that can motivate you to take your health goals seriously.

6. Write down your health goals and keep them in plain sight. This is a must for any goal but with health goals it is even more important. I recommend writing them down on an index card that you keep in your purse, and another one on your bathroom mirror or in another place where you will see it daily.

7. Write down 5-10 positive declarations regarding your health goals and read them every day out loud.

8. Tell 2-3 of your closest friends or family members and ask them to hold you accountable by asking you how you are doing several times throughout the year.

9. Decide on a reward that you will give yourself when each health goal is achieved. Make it big enough that you are motivated to make it happen but small enough that it won’t make you broke or cause you to go backwards when it comes to your overall health.

10. Consider starting the year with health goals for the first six months rather than the entire year and then committing to reevaluating how you are doing at the end of June.

Do you have other ideas on how to guarantee you will reach your health goals in 2015? Share them in the comments below.

7 Health Coaching Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Health Coach


Hiring a health coach can be a big decision as it is an investment of your time and money. So you want to make sure that you make the best decision for your health and your future. So here are some questions to ask a potential health coach before hiring him or her.

1. What kind of knowledge and training do you have with my specific needs? This is important because not all health coaches have experience with the same areas of health. For example, my specialty is in allergies, asthma and autism, although I also know quite a bit about digestion, sleep and weight loss. However, I know very little about cancer, and hormone issues just to name a few.

2. How much will your coaching cost me over the long term? This should be given to you in a contract that you sign and return to your coach. If it is not, then you should ask your health coach about this.

3. What exactly can I expect to get from my health coaching with you? Your health coach should provide you with a summary of what your program will include.

4. What happens if I decide to stop in the middle of the program or if I am not satisfied with your services? This is important to know since things can come up and you may not want to continue. With me personally I do not offer refunds and I only allow my clients to stop in the middle of a 6 month or 9 month program without contenting to pay if there is an emergency that comes up. Otherwise you are required to continue.

5. How much time per week will I need to work on my goals and other suggestions that you give me? Face it. People are busy and so making sure that people know beforehand how much time they will need each week is important.

6. Are there any other costs associated with your health coaching programs? This is important because people need to budget. For example, if you are going to recommend that people buy supplements, probiotics or get a gym membership you need to tell people up front what additional costs they can expect.

7. Do you also sell or recomend products? This is important because people will want to know what you use and recommend since not everyone will agree.

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A to Z of Health Coaching


What is a health coach? Why should you consider hiring one? I’ve answered these questions in a few of my previous posts. What is a Health History and How Can It Help You? and 10 Reasons to Hire a Health Coach. However, for this post, I would like to cover even more aspects of health coaching and why it is becoming so popular and filling a need that people have.

A- Answers. There are too many people looking for answers to their health issues and for information on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Yet, too many doctors aren’t giving their patients these answers.

B-Behavior. Too often our behavior is the main reason we aren’t as healthy as we would like to be and a health coach can help with that.

C-Caring. Many people are looking for someone who will care enough to listen and to really want to help them and they aren’t getting this from most doctors and other healthcare professionals.

D- Diets. A health coach can help you sort through all of the confusion and misinformation surrounding diets and help you chose the right “diet” for you.

E-Energy- A health coach can help you figure out how to have more energy.

F-Food allergies or Food intolerances. A good health coach can help you with a food elimination diet and give you some help and advice on what to eat and what to do to still live a great life despite diet restrictions.

G-Guide. A health coach can be your guide to helping you with your journey to maximum health.

H-Health. A health coach does exactly what the name implies. A health coach can help you have better health or regain your health if you’ve lost it.

I-Inflammation. Inflammation is said by many doctors and health care professionals to be the root cause of all illness, yet no drugs can successfully treat it. Health coaches can help you work on diet and other lifestyle changes that can help with inflammation.

J-Joy. Do you have joy in your life? What many people don’t realize is that your health is directly connected with your joy level.

K-Knowledge. Hiring a health coach can increase your knowledge about how to care for yourself.

L-Love. Do you love yourself enough to take care of yourself? Then you should consider hiring a health coach.

M- Motivation. Do many of us know what we should do, yet we don’t do it. A health coach can help motivate you.

N- Nutrition. A good health coach has a good understanding of nutrition and can help you to gain one too.

O- Overweight. Are you overweight? Weight Loss is something that health coaches are really good at helping with.

P-Permenant- Would you like to make some permanent changes to your lifestyle rather than making changes that don’t last? A health coach can help you really change rather than just doing things only for a short while and then lapsing back into your old habits.

R-Rashes. Do you have these a lot? How many things have you tried to clear them up? Get help from a health coach.

S- Sleep. Are you getting enough? Too many people aren’t and a health coach can help with this.

T- Time. Do you really have the time in your life to do all the research on health and nutrition, make the meal plans and do everything else you know you should to be healthy? Save time by hiring a health coach to do most of it for you.

U- Understanding. A health coach will understand where you are coming from and won’t judge you but help you improve.

V-Vitamins. Got questions about these? Many people do. Get them answered by a health coach.

W- Water. Are you struggling to drink as much as you know you should? A health coach can help you and give you ideas on how to get more water into your body.

Y-You. Yes you are important and investing in yourself by hiring a health coach for a few months is worth it.

Z- Zeal. Want to have more of it? A health coach can help with this.

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What Is a Health History and How Can It Help You?


Have you ever completed a health history? If you are like most people the entire concept of a health history is a foreign idea. However, health histories can be quite helpful in helping you understand how to improve your health and overall wellness.

Here are some things a health history can do for you:

1. Help you identify areas where you could improve your diet
2. Help you identify ways to improve your exercise routine
3. Help you identify how to improve your sleep routine
4. Help you figure out how to live a healthier life and have more balance in all areas of your life
5. Help you figure out how you might be able to benefit by working with a health coach.

How a health history will not help you:

1. It will not diagnose you with anything
2. It is not like a doctor’s appointment
3. It is not designed to give you a lot of advice
4. It will not solve all your health issues.

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10 Reasons to Hire a Health Coach


Have you ever considered hiring a health coach? If not, you should. Here are ten reasons why.

1. You want to be healthier.

2. You need someone to help you be accountable for improving your health.

3. You want to help you body heal itself with fewer drugs.

4. You want help improving your diet and nutrition.

5. You want help losing weight and keeping it off.

6. Your doctor isn’t helping you with some of your concerns and you’d like some additional help from someone with more holisitic and nutrition training.

7. You want to have more energy.

8. You want to learn how to help your child or someone else close to you.

9. You want help overcoming addictions such as smoking or overeating.

10. You want to improve your overall wellbeing.

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