Autism Diets: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Autism Diets: Are they a good thing, a bad thing or a neutral thing? There is a lot of confusion around autism diets. Watch the video below to learn more about the scoop on autism diets. I myself was on the autism diet gluten free casein free for several years as a child. I do believe it helped me and I believe it can help other children on the autism spectrum. However, there are other factors to consider when thinking about an autism diet.

What are your thoughts, experiences and questions about autism diets? Share them with me below in the comments.

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mom of a Special Needs Child

Are you wondering what mother’s day gifts you could give to a mom of a special needs child? This is a common question and all too often, people really struggle to know what to give a mom who has a special needs child. Here are 10 great mother’s day gifts for a mom of a special needs child.

1. A date night out while you babysit- This is number one because for many moms of special needs children this one takes the cake. When a mom has a child with special needs, they don’t get to go out very often because finding a babysitter can be really tough. If you don’t yet feel comfortable babysitting the special needs child, figure out ways to become more comfortable. Maybe spend time with the child, while the mother or father is still there, attend a training on how to care for children with that special need, or read books about how to help them.

2. A manicure and pedicure- This is another opportunity that many moms of children with special needs don’t get. Buy her a gift certificate for these.

3. A massage- similar to number 2, you can also give the mom a gift certificate for a massage. Every mom of a child with special needs, needs a massage every once in awhile.

4. Chocolates- Hello? What mom doesn’t want chocolates and special needs moms often need them even more.

5. A certificate for a house cleaning- Other than number 1, this has to be one of the best mother’s day gifts for a mom of a child with special needs. These moms almost never have the time to clean, so give them the gift of someone else doing it for them.

6. Respite Time- This is similar to number one, find a respite provider in your area and pay them to give some relief to the mom.

7. A certificate for a fun activity she can do with her child or children- Often moms of a child with special needs are financially strapped and can always use ideas and a way to do something fun with her child. Make sure the activity you chose is appropriate for the abilities and needs of the child.

8. A sensory activities kit for her child- This is another great idea. Find art supplies, play dough, bubbles and other activities the child would enjoy and give it to the mom. This is great for helping keep the child entertained so the mom can do other things.

9. Do the grocery shopping for her- For the right mom, this one is really awesome. Have you ever tried to grocery shop with a child with autism or other special needs? This can be a real pain so why not get her grocery list from her and give her the gift of doing her shopping for her?

10. A health coaching package– Many children with special needs and their moms have health challenges and could use some health coaching help. Also often the children are picky eaters and the mom could use help with finding meals and menus that the child will eat.

Why Does Medical Research Say that Diet Doesn’t Help Autism?

medical research and autism

Have you ever read articles that talk about how medical research says that diet doesn’t help autism? Then have you wondered why those articles say that? Then watch my video below to learn more about why medical research often doesn’t recognize diet as being helpful for those on the autism spectrum.

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