How I Ingest Essential Oils

ingest essential oils

Are you wondering how to ingest essential oils? Watch this video and learn how I ingest essential oils and how I recommend that you ingest essential oils.

8 Reasons to Use Essential Oils Internally

Yes I Ingest Essential Oils and Its Okay

How to Use the Library to Live Gluten Free on a Budget

gluten free on a budget

Has it ever occurred to you that you can use the library to live gluten free on a budget? It doesn’t for many people, but you can actually find a lot of useful and free resources on how to live gluten free at your local public library. Watch the video below where I share how to use the library to live gluten free on a budget.

Learn how to use the app flipster to access free magazines and newspapers at your public library.

How to Use An Emotions Wheel with Essential Oils

emotions wheel

Learn about how to use an emotions wheel with essential oils. Learn how to use essential oils for emotions with an emotions wheel. Watch me demonstrate figuring out which essential oil can help you with which emotion based on the usage of an emotions wheel.

Questions? Comments? Have you ever used an emotions wheel to decide which essential oil to use?