How to Use An Emotions Wheel with Essential Oils

emotions wheel

Learn about how to use an emotions wheel with essential oils. Learn how to use essential oils for emotions with an emotions wheel. Watch me demonstrate figuring out which essential oil can help you with which emotion based on the usage of an emotions wheel.

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How to Use Essential Oils on a Budget

essential oils on a budget

Do you want to use essential oils but you think they are too expensive? Learn how to use essential oils on a budget with this video. Discover ways to use essential oils for your health and wellness without spending lots of money. Inexpensive ways to use essential oils.

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Winter Wellness Made Simple

winter wellness

Do you struggle with winter wellness? Do you feel like you just feel off all winter? Or maybe you are looking for ways to avoid spending your Christmas vacation in bed with the flu or other nasty colds or winter illness?

Watch my facebook live below to learn about how you can make winter wellness simple. Get tips on how to stay healthy all winter long and what to do if you do get sick to recover faster. Winter wellness really can be a reality and it can be easier than you think.

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Essential Oils

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