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How to Clear Up an Allergy Rash

Posted by on Jan 18, 2012 in Allergy Remedies | 0 comments

Having an allergy rash can be a real pain. There are fortunately though several things you can do to clear it up.

1. Know what caused the allergy rash. This can be a pain since allergy rashes can come from all kinds of things. They can come from food, from drinking something, from using the wrong kind of soap, lotion, or perfume, from grass, or other outdoor elements or from anything that you skin has been exposed to that your body did not like. That said, the first step to clearing up an allergy rash is to figure out why and how you got it. That way you can avoid an allergy rash in the future by avoiding the source.

2. Clean the skin where the allergy rash has appeared thoroughly at least twice a day until it disappears.

3. Avoid using any kind of chemical based lotion, perfume or soap at least until your allergy rash has cleared up and possibly forever. This can be challenging since there are chemicals in 90% of all products on the market place. However, there are places you can get chemical free lotion and soaps. I sell some that are made by the same company where I get my essential oils.

4. Use some lavender essential oil.

5. If the allergy rash is still there after one day, you can use an additional natural cream or essential oil blend to clear it up.

6. Make sure that your clothes are washed regularly using a natural chemical free laundry soap such as one from Melaleuca, Amway, Norwex, Watkins, Shaklee, or any other company that sells a truly chemical free laundry soap. I can help you find one, if you need me too.

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How to Make Allergy Free Bath Salts

Posted by on Jan 16, 2012 in Allergy Remedies, Essential Oils | 0 comments

Have you ever tried using bath salts you bought at the store only to get an allergic reaction or rash the next day? This has happened to me several times and so I finally figured out how to make some allergy bath salts so that I could relax and enjoy a bath.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1. Different kinds of salts can cause reactions in different people depending upon the sensitivity of your skin. So make sure that you choose the right kind of salt.

2. Make sure that you use a salt that is pure and that has only salt in it and not additional chemicals or additives.

3. Avoid using perfumes or dyes with your salts.

4. Use only pure therapeutic essential oils to add scents to your salts.

Get a detailed recipe at Make your own bath salts.

Buy some bath salts.

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10 Creative Ways to Make Money to Pay for Autism Therapies

Posted by on Jan 11, 2012 in Autism | 2 comments

Autism therapies can be very expensive and it can be hard to find the money to pay for them. So how do you pay for the autism therapies that your child needs?

Here are ten creative ways to make the money you need:

1. Start your own home based business. It doesn’t need to be expensive and time consuming. There are ways to do it and have fun and make money at the same time without too much stress or too much inconvenience.

2. Hold a fundraising yard sale. You can even combine it with a bake sale and if you do it right, you can make a significant amount of money.

3. Hold a fundraising dinner. In most cases, you will need to have more than one dinner in order to raise enough money but it can be done.

4. See if you can find a group who is putting on an event such as a musical, play or other event who would be willing to donate a portion of their event sales to your autism therapies fund or maybe even put on a special night of the same event just for you and your fundraising efforts.

5. Find a group of direct sales owners and see if they can do a group fundraiser by hosting a fundraising event selling their products and then donating a portion of their profits to you.

6. Find a direct sales rep who has a business that offers fundraising and use their products to host your own fundraiser.

7. Find out who in your friends, family, neighbors has some unwanted items that they would be willing to donate to you for you to sell on ebay or at another kind of sale.

8. Figure out what kind of service you could offer in exchange for pay and then offer this service to people all day long for a few days as a large money making event, or you can offer the service for a few hours each week all of the time.

9. Do a telethon and ask people for money. You would be surprised how many people would be willing to donate at least a few dollars to your cause.

10. Have a car wash. High school groups and other groups do it so why not you? You could make it work for you to raise money for autism therapies too.

Want to work with me on making more money? Learn how at Work with AnnaLaura.

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