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Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies

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What is it like to live with severe food allergies? In “Allergic Girl” Sloane Miller shares her experiences as someone who is allergic to tree nuts, salmon, egg plant and many types of fruit. As a toddler she was also allergic to milk.

In this book, Sloane offers her story along with some practicial information that anyone who struggles with food allergies can use.

Some of the main topics she covers includes:

1. How to find the right allergy doctor and questions to ask when looking for an allergist.

2. How to talk with your allergy doctor

3. How to overcome the anxiety and trauma that can come with getting a diagnosis of food allergies

4. How to get family support for your food allergies

5. How to deal with food allergy emergencies such as what to do when you accidently eat something you have an allergy for

6. How to eat at restaurants and away from home with food allergies

7. How to plan for travel and emergencies.

In short, Allergic girl offers from great and important information for anyone who has food allergies, whether they are severe or not.

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How Do You Treat Asthma Naturally?

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Treating asthma naturally is easier than people think, yet it can seem hard if you aren’t aware about how to do it.

1. Try eliminating gluten and dairy from your diet. This can be challenging however, in many people gluten and dairy makes asthma worse. Stick to it strictly for at least a month. Take a journal and notes about how you feel. Pay special attention to your breathing patterns, coughing and other asthma symptoms. If you are feeling a lot better then you probably should avoid gluten and dairy as much as possible for life. However, you may still be able to eat these in small quantities. I personally have to be careful with dairy products when I am sick, coughing or for a few days after having an asthma attack but I can still eat them the rest of the year, as long as I do not eat dairy to excess. However, each person is different.

2. If you are finding avoiding gluten and dairy completely to be too difficult and you know that you do not have several allergies to either of these then try avoiding drinking milk. For many people who have asthma, they can eat cheese and other products that have milk in them but drinking milk causes asthma attacks and an increase in coughing.

3. Increase your intake of vitamin C and vitamin B 12. You can do this easily with Energy-C packs that you buy at the grocery store and mix with water or juice and drink.

4. Use essential oils. Peppermint, and eucalyptus are two of the best ones for asthma.

5. See a chiropractor. Many people think chiropractors are only for your back or knee pain but they can help with much more than that. My asthma symptoms have gone down dramatically since I began going to a chiropractor once every two weeks.

6. Exercise by swimming, ice skating, yoga, or other calmer and less intensive methods.

What else have you done to treat asthma naturally?

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How to Clear Up an Allergy Rash

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Having an allergy rash can be a real pain. There are fortunately though several things you can do to clear it up.

1. Know what caused the allergy rash. This can be a pain since allergy rashes can come from all kinds of things. They can come from food, from drinking something, from using the wrong kind of soap, lotion, or perfume, from grass, or other outdoor elements or from anything that you skin has been exposed to that your body did not like. That said, the first step to clearing up an allergy rash is to figure out why and how you got it. That way you can avoid an allergy rash in the future by avoiding the source.

2. Clean the skin where the allergy rash has appeared thoroughly at least twice a day until it disappears.

3. Avoid using any kind of chemical based lotion, perfume or soap at least until your allergy rash has cleared up and possibly forever. This can be challenging since there are chemicals in 90% of all products on the market place. However, there are places you can get chemical free lotion and soaps. I sell some that are made by the same company where I get my essential oils.

4. Use some lavender essential oil. Lavender is the number one oil for skin conditions whether it is an allergy rash, a bite, a sting, or a burn.

5. If the allergy rash is still there after one day, you can use an additional natural cream or essential oil blend to clear it up.

6. Make sure that your clothes are washed regularly using a natural chemical free laundry soap such as one from Melaleuca, Amway, Norwex, Watkins, Shaklee, or any other company that sells a truly chemical free laundry soap. I can help you find one, if you need me too.

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